Approximately twenty percent of the students at UW-Whitewater are 25 years of age or older and are enrolled as full or part-time students in on-campus or off-campus classes. This large group of adults is served by the Office of Continuing Education through the various programs and services described below.

CREDIT OUTREACH: Off-campus courses are offered in many communities in southeastern Wisconsin in response to requests received by the Credit Outreach Office and on the basis of survey results. Credit granted by UW-Whitewater for off-campus courses is fully accredited. Students enrolling in off-campus courses are responsible for making certain that such courses meet the requirements of the curriculum in which they are enrolled. If there is a question about a particular course, students should contact the academic adviser or the chairperson of their major department or emphasis area. For an off-campus timetable or additional information about the Credit Outreach Program call (414) 472-1100.

CORRESPONDENCE COURSES (Independent Study): UW-Whitewater does not offer correspondence courses but accepts correspondence course credits offered by the University of Wisconsin-Extension. Students should contact the Admissions Office at (414) 472-1440 to determine how correspondence courses will transfer into their programs. Correspondence Course/Independent Study catalogs are available by calling the Credit Outreach Office at (414) 472-1100.

TRAVEL STUDY PROGRAMS: These travel programs, are usually short term (2-4 weeks in length) and are directed by members of the University faculty. In most cases, credit may be earned. Academic requirements may include pre- and post seminars, preliminary study, class work during the tour, and/or subsequent assignments. For information on travel study programs call (414) 472-1003.

SUMMER SCHOOL: A twelve-week Summer School is offered each year with numerous courses and programs of shorter duration. Students may take up to 12 credits during the twelve-week session. Coursework in excess of this maximum load must be approved by the dean of the college of the student's major. For a timetable or information about summer school call (414) 472-1100.


CONFERENCES, SUMMER CAMPS, WORKSHOPS AND COMMUNITY OUTREACH: The University has an active non-credit program schedule. Campus facilities can house and feed up to 3,700 persons, depending upon the time of the year. Part of the outreach mission deals with meeting the interests of students and residents of Whitewater and the surrounding communities in southeastern Wisconsin. For information on upcoming programs call 414-472-3165.


As an alternative to face-to-face instruction in the traditional classroom, faculty can deliver their courses to off-campus sites using one or more of the following technologies: 1) the Educational Teleconference Network (ETN), a dedicated interactive audio network with 90-100 sites statewide; 2) WisLine, an audio conference calling service using standard phone lines linking sites anywhere in the state or the world; 3) WisView audiographics, a network combining audio conferencing with computer graphics with sites available at most two-year and four-year UW institutions; 4) Compressed video, a UW System digital compressed video network offering interactive audio and video with sites at all four-year UW institutions; and 5) Wisconsin Public Television.

The Catalog of Distance Learning is a semester schedule of credit and non-credit courses offering by UW institutions. Copies are available at the Office of Graduate Studies & Continuing Education, Roseman 2010, 414-472-1003.

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