It is the policy of the Board of Regents that students' sincerely held religious beliefs shall be reasonably accommodated with respect to scheduling all examinations and other academic requirements.

  1. Students shall be permitted to make up an examination or other academic requirement at another time or by an alternative method, without any prejudicial effect, where:
  2. Instructors may schedule a make-up examination or other academic requirement before or after the regularly scheduled examination or other academic requirement.
  3. Instructors shall accept, at face value, the sincerity of students' religious beliefs.
  4. Student notification of instructors and requests for relief shall be kept confidential.
  5. Complaints of failure to provide reasonable accommodation of students' sincerely held religious beliefs as required by this rule may be filed under institutional complaint and grievance procedures adopted pursuant to Chapters UWS 6 and 13.

For additional information or to file a grievance regarding a failure to provide reasonable accommodation, please contact the Office of the Executive Director for Equal Opportunity (Goodhue Hall, Room 18, Phone 472-4672).

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