Start DateEnd DateEvent
14-Aug 18-Aug Brewers Baseball Academy
17-Aug 17-Aug Campus Flower Garden Tour
19-Aug 20-Aug Young Adult Voice in Mental Health Awareness
05-Sep 05-Sep Warhawk Alley: Bags Tournament/Ladder Golf Tournament
05-Sep 06-Sep Now is the Time: Improving Support for WI Youth & Young Adults
10-Sep 10-Sep Wrestling Fall Clinic
11-Sep 04-Nov GymHawks - Fall Session 1
12-Sep 12-Sep Warhawk Alley: Ping Pong Tournament
15-Sep 15-Sep Community Partners' Training
16-Sep 16-Sep Disability Awareness Merit Badge Clinic
19-Sep 19-Sep Warhawk Alley: Traditional Billiards Tournament
26-Sep 26-Sep Warhawk Alley: 9-Pin Tap Tournament
28-Sep 28-Sep Water Research Conference 2017: The Intersections of Science and Economic Opportunity
29-Sep 29-Sep Nonprofit Professional Development Classes
03-Oct 03-Oct Warhawk Alley: Madden 18 Tournament on Xbox One
05-Oct 16-Nov Life Story Workshop
10-Oct 10-Oct Warhawk Alley: 9 Ball Billiards Tournament
11-Oct 11-Oct Rock Valley Leadership Conference
11-Oct 14-Oct Regional Soils Competition
13-Oct 13-Oct KEMPA Fall Scholastic Journalism Conference
14-Oct 14-Oct WSMA State Marching Band
18-Oct 18-Oct Warhawk Alley: Wii U Super Smash Bros
20-Oct 20-Oct Nonprofit Talent Management: Best Practices
24-Oct 24-Oct Warhawk Alley: 2018 Spooky Bowl Doubles Bowling Tournament
05-Nov 05-Nov Soccer: Men's College Prep
01-Nov 01-Nov Fall Emeriti
08-Nov 08-Nov Warhawk Alley: Air Hockey Tournament
08-Nov 09-Nov Innovat-Ed Conference
10-Nov 10-Nov Marketing: Communication in the 21st Century
11-Nov 11-Nov Fall Horn Festival
14-Nov 14-Nov Warhawk Alley: NBA 2K18 Tournament
15-Nov 15-Nov Creative Writing Festival
17-Nov 19-Nov National Black Student Union Conference
24-Nov 25-Nov Fall Baseball Clinic
28-Nov 28-Nov Warhawk Alley: Mario Kart Tournament
05-Dec 05-Dec Warhawk Alley: Scotch Doubles Bowling Tournament
12-Dec 12-Dec Warhawk Alley: ACUI Qualifying 9-Ball billiards Tournament
27-Dec 31-Dec Winter Baseball Clinics
13-Jan 13-Jan BassFest
07-Feb 07-Feb TAG Leadership Conference
17-Feb 17-Feb Piano Day - 2018
17-Feb 17-Feb Softball: Hitting Clinic
24-Feb 24-Feb Softball: Pitching
04-Mar 04-Mar Spring Baseball (Pitching Hitting, Fielding)
11-Mar 11-Mar Spring Baseball (Pitching, Hitting, Catching)
18-Mar 18-Mar Spring Baseball (Pitching, Hitting, Fielding)
24-Mar 24-Mar WMTA Piano Audition
06-Apr 07-Apr Early Childhood Conference - 2018
21-Apr 21-Apr Sesquincentennial Commencement Ball - 2018
01-Jun 03-Jun Early Music Festival
07-Jun 10-Jun Wiscoinsin Leadership Seminar
08-Jun 10-Jun Association for Research and Enlightenment
23-Jun 27-Jun Wisconsin Ambassadors Music - 2018
05-Apr 06-Apr Early Childhood Conference - 2019
21-Apr 21-Apr Sesquicentennial Closing Ball - 2019
07-Jun 10-Jun WILS