Early Childhood Conference

Early Childhood Conference

Session 5065 and 6065 have been cancelled. Please contact UW-W Camps and Conferences at (262) 472-3165 with any questions.

We apologize for the mix-up, but this is Elise Hansen's correct presentation description:

Elise Hansen, Schlitz Audubon Nature Preschool, will share curriculum ideas and photos to help early childhood teachers introduce young children to nature in the back yard or in an outdoor play space with little or no plant growth. Elise uses a slide presentation and authentic materials to talk about the importance of nature in children’s lives, the emotional tone that adults can help influence, ways to manage risks and the benefits of early introduction to the natural environment. INFANTS & TODDLERS Safe and Healthy Environments (SAF)


Featured Presenters

Greg & Steve

Greg & Steve “Educate, motivate, enrich & entertain”. Their music has become an integral part of curriculum in classrooms across the nation! The concert is an hour long and features music and movement activities for ages preschool thru 3rd grade. The areas emphasized in their music are basic skill concepts, movement/ motor coordination skills, language development and social value concepts. They will be singing their classics: 3 Little Pig Blues, The World Is A Rainbow, and new releases from their latest CD Bounce and Boogie.

Denise Fleming

Alliteration, onomatopoeia, and verbs come together to create picture books that make young children want to move. Together we will shiver, shake, dart and dip to picture books. We will explore the use of my books in the classroom using crafts and activities from my website.

Heidi Butkus

Do you have a class full of wiggly pre-readers? They don’t have to sit still to learn! Come join Heidi for a full day of fun and practical ideas and strategies that really work with all kinds of kids, even second language learners and those with special needs. The morning will be spent learning some teacher tested and child friendly tips and tricks for teaching kids the alphabet, getting kids started developing phonemic awareness, and teaching them to sound out words through movement. We’ll also learn some songs to help kids along the way with these concepts.

More Featured Presenters!

Dacia Moore

Karen Kataline

Jayanti Tambe & Todd Hioki

Dr. Suki Stone

Please view the 2014 Program for more details.

Early Childhood Conference 2014

For an exhilarating experience full of experts, knowledge and fun join us April 11-12, 2014 for UW-Whitewater's Early Childhood Conference. This year's conference includes experts in early childhood education, artists, authors and musicians. Our conference is a great opportunity for professional development and is great for networking with other professionals in the field of Early Childhood Education.

Dear Early Childhood Educators:

I am writing this letter a few days after the very cold weather and I am so looking forward to seeing all of you in April (and I am certain that it will be warm and beautiful). During those very cold days my thoughts were drawn to the early childhood educators who were in centers around the Midwest - trying to keep children safe while thwarting off cabin fever. And I was thankful for my background in early childhood education as I tried to engage our children throughout those bitter cold days. So as my children had an indoor snowball "fight", experimented with frozen water balloons and read countless books I was thankful to my mentors in early childhood education who helped me to know what to do with my own children on those inside, freeze days.

This year the theme of the conference is "Teaching Children to Count is Fine but Teaching Them What Counts is Best." I think even my Math Educators friends would agree with that statement. We can teach children important content but as early childhood educators it is also our job to teach them what counts. This year we have so many presenters, authors and artists who will share with you what they believe counts as related to young children. We have experts who will present their work on reflective teaching, literacy and language, social and emotional well-being of young children, taking care of ourselves and connecting children to nature. We have authors who will share their books with us and we have singers who will delight us with their songs.

Come to Whitewater and be a part of the conference - find out what "counts" for you by attending workshops that are familiar to you or choose something new. Attend a concert, listen to an author, enjoy the camaraderie of other early childhood educators. And please know that the work you do with young children and their families counts and that you count.

See you in April,

Robin Fox

Robin Fox
Conference Coordinator

Presented by the Curriculum & Instruction Department in Cooperation with Continuing Education Services.