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March 2015

21 Say What: Understanding and Achieving the Speaking and Listening Academic Standards

April 2015

10-11 Early childhood Conference
13 Creating Musical Story with Students  
22 Leveled Literacy Intervention (LLI Intermediate Systems)

Earth Day


NASCO: Lesson Planning-Musci & Story


Getting them to Want to: Promoting Joyous Effort in Classroom Literacy Programs

PD in Your District

How to bring professional development courses to your district.

There are a few ways for UW-Whitewater is able to provide teachers and administrators with high quality professional learning opportunities. Just remember that your local university is full of folks who are experts in their fields! To begin the process, call and we’ll come to you for a conversation about what you need.

    1. The first way to have professional development activities tailored to your district needs is to create a graduate or undergraduate course that provides the information that your staff needs and earns recertification credits, or certificates for PDPs and EEPs.

      Need help with:
      • Reading strategies
      • Writing strategies
      • Readers/Writers workshop
      • Curriculum design
      • Development of Smarter Balanced-type assessment for the curriculum
      • Something else?


    2. Secondly, your colleagues in other districts may have the best local expert on the topic with which you are concerned. Click on the tab above: District Initiatives and find the district near you that is also wrestling with similar issues.
    3. Grow your own experts and coaches through assisting staff with additional certifications. Click on the tab Educational Support Services.
      • Through PI34 many expert certification areas have been created. For the certification only, there are a limited number of courses in each area that may be delivered in your district. With 12-15 teachers, the Reading Teacher certification courses may be brought to your teachers. Courses are face-to-face or online.
      • Your district may have a group of teachers who are interested in earning a Masters’ degree. This program as well may be delivered in your district and grounded in the issues and skills that your district has identified as necessary for student success.

Contact us for more information:

Linda Nortier, Ed.D.


Office: 262-472-5010

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