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Graduate Courses Available Online for Summer 2019


COMMUNICATION 624: Cross Cultural Communication: The study of cross-cultural interaction. This course seeks to improve the effectiveness of communication between people from different cultures. The focus is on verbal and non-verbal communication skills, perspective-taking, listening, articulating beliefs, and practicing empathy.  
(This online course runs from July 29-August 17)

COMMUNICATION 711: Instructional Communication: This course focuses on the body of instructional communication research which, coupled with opportunities for observation and practice, will 1) enable students to analyze effective use of instructional communication principles in others and 2) demonstrate related skills during their own instructional demonstrations.  
(This online course runs from July 29-August 17)


CHEMISTRY 696: This course will focus on perpetuating a culture of safety and sustainability. Students will examine how safety methods, chemical hygiene plans, and chemical labeling apply to working in a lab to make it safer. Students will analyze the benefits and principles of green chemistry to improve sustainability of chemical reactions and processes.  
(This online course runs from June 17-July 27)


ENGLISH 696: Foundations of English Composition: Covers various methods of developing and organizing composition curriculum, including concepts of design and assignment types.
(This online course runs from June 17-July 27)

ENGLISH 696: Offers a wide range of literary texts by people of color to offer students the opportunity to study and appreciate the experiences and challenges of diverse groups of people in American society. This body of literary works will be studied through the historical/political prism of each group so that students will be acquainted with the background of the literature.
(This online course runs from July 8-August 17)

ENGLISH 696: Creative Writing: This graduate-level course aims to give you an intensive introductory experience in the reading and writing of creative nonfiction (essays), fiction (short stories) and poetry (poems). In these three weeks you will read essays, stories and poems, and respond to them in writing through daily assignments and discussion forums.
(This online course runs from June 17-July 6)

ENGLISH 696: Current concepts in Literary Theory provides foundational concepts from influential literary theories that can help you propose more expansive questions in literature classes. Basic concepts from theorists exploring issues of psychology, gender, class, and race and ethnicity can inspire your students in dynamic and meaningful discussions of literary texts.
(This online course runs from July 8-27)


MATH 696: Theory of Numbers: A study of the properties of integers, representation of integers in a given base, properties of primes, arithmetic functions, modulo arithmetic. Diophantine equations and quadratic residues.
(This online course runs from June 17-July 27)


SOCIOLOGY 696: Sociology: This course provides an overview of the sociological study of hate and prejudice using a variety of perspectives. Substantive topics include the nature of prejudice and stereotyping, hate crime, and hate groups. The course will end with an exploration and evaluation of methods for combating hate and its social manifestations.
(This online course runs from July 8-27)

Tuition: UW-Whitewater 2016-2018 graduate tuition rate: $1,324.89 for a 3-credit course.

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