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Graduate Courses Available Online for Fall 2019


COMM 528: Communication Conflict Resolution 3 Credits (1/21-5/8) This course provides a communications perspective of the nature and possible methods of resolution of conflict.

COMM 640: New Communication and Technologies 3 Credits (1/21-5/8) This course examines the major innovations in the telecommunication industry. Students will explore alternative regulatory contexts in which these systems can develop and address the implications of these developments in a variety of social, institutional and philosophical contexts.

COMM 722: Issues in Human Communication Theory 3 Credits (1/21-3/14) Advanced study and analysis of communication theories from various disciplinary viewpionts. Theories are discussed in terms of their assumptions, claims, strengths, and weaknesses.  PREREQ: COMM 422 OR CONSENT OF GRADUATE COORDINATOR, AND COMM 701.

Teachers who teach Partners In Education (PIE) courses for UW-Whitewater at their high school are eligible to receive a tuition waiver for up to 18 graduate credits in their content area in order to meet Higher Learning Commission (HLC) credential requirements. Contact Laura Montez at or 262-379-4171 for more information.

Tuition: UW-Whitewater 2019-2020 graduate tuition rate: $1,519.77 for a 3-credit course. 

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