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Meet the Staff

Dr. Catherine Chan

Biological Sciences/Chemistry
Office: Upham Hall 209

I received my Ph.D. from UW-Madison and worked as a researcher there before coming to UW-Whitewater. I have a joint faculty appointment in the Departments of Biological Sciences and Chemistry, and am currently the Director of the Undergraduate Research Program. I love working with students on the exploration of science, and have co-authored several papers with undergraduate researchers. Being a part of the Science Academy Learning Community provides me with an opportunity to work with a cohort of students over an extended period time to help them discover what areas of science they want to pursue and the various career options available.

Kelli Danielski

First Year Experience
Coordinator of Academic Initiatives
Office: University Center 245
(262) 472-1263

I attended UW-Whitewater for my bachelors and masters programs, and have been on this campus ever since. I enjoy working with students, faculty, staff, and administrators to solve problems and help develop outstanding programs for our students.

As the Coordinator for Academic Initiatives, I’m responsible for recruiting incoming students for the Learning Communities program. I also oversee recruitment and retention of faculty and staff who have an active role in the communities. In addition, I supervise the Graduate Assistant for Learning Communities.

Bruce Eshelman

Biological Sciences
Office: Upham Hall 303

Anneke Lisberg

Biological Sciences
Office: Upham Hall 203
(262) 472-5138

Dr. Lisberg is an associate professor in the department of biological sciences, where she teaches introductory biology, organic evolution, and human anatomy & physiology. Her scientific interests are broad, ranging from intersections of animal behavior with physiology, evolution and ecology. Her research lab investigates the roles and signals of chemical communication signals (especially urine scent marks) in domestic dogs. Dr. Lisberg also co-founded and serves as an instructor for the Science Boot Camp bridge program with Dr. Brett Woods and has worked on multiple projects to coordinate, update and enhance the curricula of the introductory biology course sequences.

Kara Meissen

Senior Advisor
Office: Academic Advising & Exploration Center Roseman 2043
(262) 472-5232

Hello and welcome WARHAWKS! My name is Kara Meissen and I have been an Academic Advisor on campus since July 2006. I am thrilled to be a member of the Warhawk family and enjoy helping students as they transition to college. I completed my bachelor's degree from UW-Whitewater in Biology-Ecology/Field Studies and a master's degree in Education-Teacher Development from Marian University. I have coordinated the HeLaHawks Learning Community since the fall of 2013 and am elated to have the program expand. I consider the great mentorship by UW-Whitewater faculty and staff along with my internship with the Department of the Interior in Anchorage, Alaska, to be the most influential learning experiences while in college. I enjoy spending time with my family. We reside in Mukwonago and we love to eat, run, hike, swim, garden and travel the state of Wisconsin. We have set a family goal of visiting all the state parks in the state of Wisconsin.

Seth Meisel

Associate Dean, Continuing Education
Office: Roseman 2017C
(262) 472-1013

I am a historian of Latin America who specializes on the study of slavery in Argentina and Brazil (feel free to ask me about why I have loved living and traveling in those two countries!). I have had some experiences much like those that Science Academy scholars will enjoy as I worked two summers in an Endocrinology laboratory at the University of Iowa. I started out washing lab ware and eventually moved up to running my own experiments for lab team in their study of diabetes care. At the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, I have long been involved in our excellent Undergraduate Research Program and strongly believe in the value of getting started early in finding a research topic and a supportive mentor who will help you find your passion.

Deonti Norris

Science Academy Student Leader

Crystal Vang

Science Academy Student Leader

Coming to Whitewater was extremely nerve wrecking for me. As a junior and pending graduation soon, I must say that I have no regrets thus far majoring in Biology. Being a part of the HeLaHawks Learning Community my freshman year really did the trick of making me feel comfortable on campus. We all had the same major and goals as students: to succeed. One of the greatest things about a learning community is being able to have a group you can always go to for support. The best part was forming study groups with individuals I had already grown accustom to. The coordinators of the LC’s are exceptional. They make it easy for students to come together and just be able to educate one another. The staff and professors are phenomenal as well, they too have one goal: allowing us to be passionate about our education and helping when needed. Without these people our program wouldn’t have been able to expand to what it is today. They truly are the backbone for many of the students that enter the learning communities. They care deeply and go above and beyond so that we succeed.

It is an honor and privilege for me to be a part of a Learning Community. My friendships are still strong even after my freshman year and being able to have these relationships only boosted my confidence in continuing my education as a Biology major. With Science Academy I would hope to continue this experience with you, incoming Warhawks, and I am extremely honored to be one of the Science Academy Student Leaders. This is a valuable opportunity to not only build relationships and memories, but careers as well. I have no doubt that you will feel only confidence and enthusiasm in this program because Science Academy is all about using your resources on campus and being able to be mentored during your time here as students. We are here to help you succeed just as much as the staff was here to help me get to where I am today.

Sonya Pavela

Scienec Academy Graduate Assistant
Office: Roseman 2017
(262) 949-9974

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from St. Norbert College and am currently enrolled as a School Psychology graduate student here at UW-Whitewater. I’m excited to be a part of the Science Academy and to share with students all of the career exploration the program offers!