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Civil Rights History

Traveling Freedom’s Main Line

A travel study course with in-person class sessions, a week-long bus tour to various U.S. cities significant to the struggle for civil rights. The course is offered by the Departments of History and Race and Ethnic Studies in cooperation with the Office of Continuing Education, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (HISTORY/AFRIAMR 241, 3 undergrad credits; course fulfills the University’s Diversity requirement)

Spring Break 2021 (tentative)

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Where will I go? What will I study?
This inspirational week-long bus tour will take students to sites that played a significant role in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s-60s. Students will travel to Memphis, Nashville, the Mississippi Delta, Montgomery, Birmingham, and St. Louis, plus a separate day trip to Milwaukee. This course is an opportunity to learn about a transformative chapter in American history as we visit places where history was made. The trip will highlight both the Movement as it happened and as it is remembered today, and there will be opportunities to meet people involved in civil rights struggles past and present. This immersive course will impart a wealth of knowledge of the Civil Rights Movement and it legacies and ask students to explore their own connection to struggles for freedom.

Registration, class meetings and fees: 
This course is for students with at least sophomore status who have an interest in the subject matter. Instructor consent is required. The estimated program fee is to be determined which includes transportation, local accommodations, and entrance fees. The program fee is an estimate based on 25 participants. Financial aid may apply.

Limited space is available. Applications due before registration can be approved.

For additional information and applications, please contact:
Kari Borne, Continuing Education, UW-Whitewater, Roseman 2010A,
800 W Main St., Whitewater, WI 53190
Phone: 262-472-1003 (direct) or

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