Continuing Education Workshops

Facilitating Career Development with Transitioning Veterans and Military Service Members (V/MSM)

This event has concluded.

Military Veterans and active Military Service Members (V/MSM) are transitioning through our educational, workforce development, and healthcare programs in high numbers. Additionally, recent and continuing planned reductions-in-force promise to keep those numbers high for the next 10 years. Come and learn about special issues, and proven practical approaches to facilitating veterans’ and military service members’ positive career development. Counselors, adult educators, social workers, academic advisors, veterans, military service members and others working with or assisting V/MSM with their career development goals will find the workshop beneficial.


Workshop will take place in Hyland 2200

Objectives for Workshop Participants:

·         Increase their ability to describe the V/MSM population and current career development challenges.

·         Become aware of specific military/civilian culture gaps, transition and career development challenges.

·         Understand how social and personal viewpoints/attitudes may impact working relationships.

·         Explore ethics-based and holistic approaches to life and career planning with V/MSM.

·         Become aware of existing counseling strategies and try new approaches via experiential activities.

·         Learn how to adapt career development approaches and services for V/MSM with physical, psychological and social issues (e.g., PTSD, TBI, hearing loss, burns and amputations.)

·         Receive useful resources.


About Workshop Facilitators

Sherri Pfennig, MS, CRC, LPC

Sherri Pfennig (M.S. University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee) is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Nationally Certified Rehabilitation Counselor with over 25 years of related career development experience. She is currently the Assistant Director of Career Counseling with the UW-Milwaukee Career Development Center. She specializes in integrating career counseling, knowledge of communication disorders and specific teaching strategies to identify work strengths and accessibility strategies.  As the Career Liaison at the UWM Military and Veteran Resources Center, she works with military and veteran students as well as other students and alumni in developing and implementing adaptive career plans. 

John Lombardo, Ph.D., LPC

John Lombardo (A.B. Dartmouth College, M.S. and Ph.D. Marquette University) is a Counseling Psychologist, Counselor Educator and Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in adult career development. For over 20 years he has been helping both early career and experienced professionals and leaders find positive new career paths. A breadth of experience as a Veteran (U.S. Army Infantry, Vietnam), H.R. Director (Sigma-Aldrich Corp), and Counselor (UW System and private practice) helps him find common ground and assist others quickly. Currently, John splits his time as Career Counselor (Graduate School Medical College of Wisconsin), Counselor Educator/Supervisor (Marquette) and private practice.