Student Entertainment Awareness League (SEAL)

Local Showcase Submissions

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Applications MUST BE RECEIVED to the front desk of Career & Leadership Development by April 28, 2014.

What is SEAL?

SEAL's purpose is to provide educational and social programming on a campus wide basis, creating vibrant social hangout that enhances student engagement as well as a non-alcoholic alternative to Thursday nights and weekends. For more information on any of our programming, please e-mail

Have a programming idea for SEAL? We'd love to hear it! E-mail with any of your suggestions.

guest artistsFor Artists
Find more information about where to send your promo items, our venues, places to stay and eat, and map and directions.

Meet the SEAL teamMeet the Team
The SEAL Team is comprised of 12 students who plan social and educational programs for campus.

SEAL CollaborationCollaborations
SEAL defines collaboration as 2 or more departments/organizations that partner to plan and implement a program or event.

Movie TicketsMovie Tickets
SEAL is now offering recognized student organizations the opportunity to pre-order tickets for the movies.