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      SEAL Collaborations

      SEAL defines collaboration as 2 or more departments/organizations that partner to plan and implement a program or event. This may or may not involve financial support.

      In order for groups to collaborate with SEAL requests must be submitted at least 6 weeks before the event and the following must occur:

      In order to collaborate with SEAL group’s responsibilities include:

      • Provide 2 contacts for your organization
      • Meet with SEAL Manager 3 weeks before event
      • Assist with publicity (hanging posters, butcher blocks, etc.)
      • Provide 2 organization members to assist with event staffing
      • Assist with room set-up
      • Attend pre-event meeting (30 minutes before the start of event)
      • Provide a script to serve as the introduction at the event
      • Handle all cash and merchandise sales
      • Assist with clean-up

      Collaboration Process

      1. Student Organization must initiate contact with SEAL at least 6 weeks prior to event.
      2. Student Organization will be contacted by the SEAL Manager within 48 hours of contacting SEAL to set up a meeting.
      3. The SEAL Manager and Student Organization will meet to discuss the event details and fill out a Collaboration Form. (see reverse)
      4. The SEAL Manager will present the collaboration request at the next SEAL Staff meeting where SEAL will decide if they would like to more forward with the collaboration.
      5. The SEAL Manager will communicate SEAL’s decision with the Organization within 48 hours of the SEAL meeting.
      6. If the collaboration has been agreed upon, the SEAL Manger will determine which SEAL Intern will be the primary contact for the event.
      7. That Intern will follow through on all aspects of collaboration.


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