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      Premedical Requirements

      Medical School Minimum Requirements

      General Biology with lab, one semester minimum: Bio141, Biology I, Plant Focus followed by Bio142, Biology II, Animal Focus is recommended, but the one semester course Bio-120, Biological Foundations, is acceptable for non-biologists.

      Advanced biology with lab, one semester: Any biology w/ lab Bio 251, Genetics, or higher is acceptable. For students not majoring or minoring in Biology, Bio 361, Human Anatomy and Physiology I is required with Bio 362, Human Anatomy and Physiology II, recommended as a supplement.

      General chemistry with lab, two semesters: Chem. 102 and 104 are required.

      Organic chemistry with lab, two semesters: Chem. 251, 252 and 261 (lab) are required.

      General physics with lab, two semesters: Physcs.. 160, 161, 162, 163 is strongly recommended, Physcs. 170 to 174 acceptable if two semesters of calculus (Math 253 and Math 254) accompany it.

      Mathematics: Math 152, Elementary Functions is required.

      Additional Recommended Courses

      • Chemistry 456: Biochemistry
      • Mathematics 253: Calculus and Analytic Geometry

      Grade Point

      For serious consideration by medical schools, your GPA must be well above 3.0, the mean GPA for all matriculating students is around 3.7.


      All of these courses should be completed one full year prior to your application to medical school, typically in the senior year. You should see Dr. Mesner for an application for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) in February 1.5 years before you plan to start medical school. The application is on-line through the American Association of Medical Colleges' MCAT site. The MCAT should be taken that April or August. You submit medical school application material over the summer the same year. You can find the electronic application form through the American Association of Medical Colleges Application Service's AMCAS site.


      For additional questions or referrals, call Dr. Mesner at 472-5139, or in his office at 207 Upham Hall.


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