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    Pre-Pharmacy Information

    Important Facts

    • Most Pre-Pharmacy students major in Chemistry or Biology.
    • It is important that students meet with the Pre-Pharmacy advisor (Dr. Kumpaty) to ensure all requirements are being met.
    • Students should not take BIOLOGY 120
    • Most students enter the program with math requirement satisfied
    • There is no such thing as a Pre-Pharmacy major
    • This program prepares students for entrance into the Pharm D program in UW-Madison School of Pharmacy
    • The average GPA for students admitted to pharmacy school is 3.5-3.6 /private school pharmacy programs require a GPA of 3.0.
    • Students who may not do well in the pharmacy sequence may consider the chemistry, biology or integrated business major.

    Pre-Pharmacy Check Sheet

    This document is not legally binding; it is intended only to give guidance in planning one's program. The actual sequence of courses taken will vary according to student's backgrounds, course availability and other factors.

    The minimum requirements for the Pharm.D. program include completion of a set of prescribed pre-pharmacy requirements (usually completed in two to three years of undergraduate work) followed by four years of the professional Pharm.D. curriculum. A pre-School of Pharmacy student is a student who is taking the courses necessary to be considered for admission into the Pharm.D. program. Completion of the pre-School of Pharmacy course work does not guarantee admission into the program.

    The following list of courses are the core requirements required by the School of Pharmacy at Madison. Those students who intend to attend a School of Pharmacy other than the one at the University Wisconsin-Madison are advised to write directly to the school of their choice for information as to course requirement.

    Core Requirements Math/Science Credits
    Biology 141 General Botany 4
    Biology 142 General Zoology 4
    Chem 102 Introductory Chemistry 5
    Chem 104 Introductory Chemistry 5
    Chem 251 Organic Chemistry 3
    Chem 252 Organic Chemistry 3
    Chem 261 Organic Chemistry Laboratory 2
    *Math 253 Calculus I 5
    Math 254 Calculus II 5 (recommended only)
    Physcs 140 Principles of Physics I** (or) 5
    Physcs 141 General Physics 5

    * (Calculus requirement is content-based. Please review the handout for list of required topics)

    ** Phys 180, 181 Physics for Scientists & Engineers I-II ( credits 5 + 5)

    English 102 Freshman English 3
    Econ 201 Economics (micro) 3
    Sociology-240 General Sociology (or) 3
    Anthropl-110 Introductory Anthropology (or)
    Anthropl-218 Cultural anthropology (also counts towards ethnic studies)
    Psyc-211 Introductory Psychology (or) 3
    Psyc-355 Social Psychology
    *** Ethnic studies 3

    Additional course work: Sufficient to result in a total of at least 62 transfer credits by the time of enrollment in the School of Pharmacy.

    Pharmacy college admission test (PCAT): The PCAT is required for Pharm.D. applicants. For the Pharm.D. early decision application process, the PCAT must be taken no later than January of the year of application. For the Pharm.D. standard decision application process, the PCAT must be taken no later than January of the year of application. PCAT scores below the fiftieth percentile will be viewed with particular concern by the Admissions Committee.

    If a Pharm.D. applicant submits two or more sets of PCAT scores, the Admissions Committee will view all sets of PCAT scores but will use the highest set when considering the applicant for admission.

    PCAT Testing Information for 2008-09:

    PCAT registration forms and informational booklets are available starting in early August from Madison School of Pharmacy Student Services Office (608-262-6234)

    * Please note that PCAT scores taken prior to October 2005 are not accepted for applicants seeking admission for Fall 2008

    Additional Information

    All pre-pharmacy students are encouraged to take the following additional courses, which are graduation requirements, if there is room left in their fourth semester.

    • Three credits of history of any kind.
    • Two credits of humanities electives (modern history is not a humanities course in Madison)
    • Students who qualify for Math 253 do not need to take Math 152. The required course is Math 253.
    • Economics 202 is the prerequisite of 201(micro). Students can take 201 without this prerequisite. See your advisor.

    Pharm.D. Professional electives policy: Students may not count as Pharm.D. professional electives any courses which were taken before entrance into the school of pharmacy.

    Admission to pharmacy school is very competitive. The average GPA for the students admitted to pharmacy school has been between 3.7 – 3.9 for the last few years. Two grade point averages are calculated. A cumulative grade point average and a grade point average in the required math-science courses.

    Application process

    Pharm.D. application materials for the 2008-09 academic year will be available on Madison School of Pharmacy website in mid-September, 2008.

    1. Go to
    2. Select Admissions/Pre-School of Pharmacy Information/Application Materials
    3. Entry Level Pharm.D. Program

    Standard decision application process: Admission for Fall 2008, All application materials must be postmarked by November 1, 2008. On-line application will be made available by October 2008.

    ** Please note that the school of pharmacy does not participate in the pharmacy college application service (PharmaCAS)

    For the Pharm.D. application, four recommendation letters are required: two recommendations from instructors of recent college-level math/science courses: one recommendation from an instructor of a recent college-level liberal arts course; one recommendation from a recent employer or a coordinator of volunteer service.

    Course loads: In order to strengthen their applications for admission and demonstrate their preparedness for the rigorous demands of School of Pharmacy academic programs, students are encouraged to enroll in course loads of 14-16 credits per semester during pre-School of Pharmacy studies.

    For additional information, please refer to the School of Pharmacy website:


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