February 20, 2014 Agenda

The Committee will meet THURSDAY, February 20, 2014 at 2:15 PM
Dean's Conference Room, LT 4120

1. Approval of January 23, 2013 Minutes (handout at meeting)

2. Announcements

a. Early deadline for March 6th meeting. Submit proposals by Feb 24. Spring 2015 deadline meeting is March 20; proposals are due March 12th for the March 20th deadline meeting.

b. Policies regarding cross-listing course

3. History

a. New Course - Civil Rights History: Traveling Freedom's Main Line

4. Languages and Literatures

a. Add Cross-Listing - ENGLISH 266 Gender in Film

5. Sociology, Criminology & Anthropology

a. Changes in Existing Course - SOCIOLGY 371 Sociology of Homicide

b. Changes in Existing Course - SOCIOLGY 498 Independent Study

c. Pre-Requisite Change - SOCIOLGY 285

d. Pre-Requisite Change - SOCIOLGY 393

e. Other Curricular Action - Change Course Prefix for Criminology

f. Administrative Action - Suspend Forensics Science Minor

g. Add Cross-Listing - ANTHROPL 367 Archeology of Women

6. Sociology, Criminology & Anthropology and the Marketing Dept.

a. New Submajor: Certificate Program - Corporate Social Responsibility

7. Women's & Gender Studies

a. Change in Major - Women's and Gender Studies (BA/BS)

b. Change in Minor - Women's and Gender Studies (BA/BS)

8. Old Business

a. Courseleaf

9. Adjournment


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