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Student Research

Ongoing Research

  • Interactive Degree Planner Project through WiSYS Technology Foundation
  • Vehicular networking research projects
  • Computer Visioning
  • Office of Naval Research projects

2016 Highlights

  • Nyia Lor invited to present his research at Posters on the Rotunda in Madison, WI and his abstract was submitted to the 2017 Hmong National Development Conference.
  • Two students presented research at 2016 Undergraduate Research Day, UW-Whitewater
  • Four students presented their research at the 2016 Science Alliance Meeting at UW-W in March.
  • Four students presented their research at the department Advisory Board meeting in April.
  • Three papers accepted or being reviewed at conferences/journals.
    1) Eugene Santos, Jr., Hien Nguyen, Jacob Russell, Joshua Day, Scott Pegelow, Alexis Greenstreeet; A Framework for Commander's Decision Making Processes by Exploiting Dynamic Contextual Information,; Accepted paper for Human Factor and Ergonomic Society annual meeting, September 2016.

2015 Research Collage

2015 Highlights

  • Neural Networks and Topic Modeling for Sentimental Analysis (Albert/Kirkeby; faculty mentor Nguyen). Poster presentation won 4th place at LSMCE Conference in Indianapolis
  • Temporal Segmentation of Video Sequence Using Subspace Representation
    Internet of Things,
    Students: Trevor Sigmund and Nicholas Schneider; Faculty Advisor: Jiazhen Zhou. Presentaed at UG Research Day and department High School Day, Spring 2015. Research results used in a course project for COMPSCI 461 Mobile Computing Architecture Spring 2015.
  • Broadcast in Vehicular Network, Student: Jennifer Fox; Faculty Advisor: Jiazhen Zhou. Presented at Spring 2015 Undergraduate Research Day. Simulation program used in Zhou's paper "Scaling of On-Demand Broadcast Scheduling in Stressed Network".
  • Strategies for Proactive Caching of Information in Disaster Rescue Network, Student: Kevin Hill; Faculty Advisor: Jiazhen Zhou.
  • 3D Mapping for the Visually Impaired, Students: Alex Repsold and Steven Smith. Faculty Advisor: Hien Nguyen.
  • Multi-Tiered Application to Solve Geological and Geographical Equations, Students: Garcy Hackney, Dustin Forman and Austin Fies; Faculty Advisor: Hien Nguyen.

2014 Research

  • Two computer science research posters made it to the finals at Undergraduate Research Day, March 19, 2014. The poster Emily Paulson submitted for her work with professor Hien Nguyen, won in its category.
  • Parallel Computing Applications in Finite Geometries and Finance Engineering (2014/15) Students: Hans Perera, Tyler WIlcock; Faculty Advisor: Dr. Athula Gunawardena Received first place poster award for the Math/Physics/Computer Science category at UW-Whitewater Undergraduate Research Day 3/18/15.
  • Version Aware Word Documents, 2013/14 Students: Stephen Coakley, Jacob Mischka; Faculty Advisor: Cheng Thao Paper was presented at ACM Symposium on Document Engineering in Colorado, USA, September, 2014.
  • A NMF approach to Binary Hashing, Spring 2014 Student: Tyler Holmes; Faculty Advisor: Lopamudra Mukherjee
  • Real-Time Monitoring with Wireless Sensor Networks, Presented at Fall 2014 UG Research Day and 2015 department High School Day; Students: Scott Rupprecht, Trevor Sigmund, Christian Lee and David Feldman; Faculty Advisor; Jiazhen Zhou.
  • A Tool for Visualizing Preferences in Conditional Importance Networks, 2/14/14; Student: Joshua Leinberger
  • Dynamic Context-Centric Commander's Decision Support through Real-time Inverse Reinforcement Learning, Spring 2014; Student: Shawn Reichard; Faculty Advisor: Hien Nguyen
  • Sparse Based Coding, Fall 2013 Student: Alex Hall; Faculty Advisor: Lopamudra Mukherjee Presentation at IEEE National Conference in Hawaii, Spring 2015.
  • Quick Response Code Security, Fall 2014 UG Research Day; Student: Jenna Hammes; Faculty Advisor: Jiazhen Zhou. Laer received UWW Research Scholar award to work on QR code format improvement (Spring 2015).


  • Zigbee in Smart Meter Networks, collaborative project with UW-Madison, Students: Aaron Brown, Joseph Gleeson, YuetLong Leung and Trevor Wilson; Faculty Advisors; Jiazhen Zhou and Xinyu Zhang.


  • Mobility Management System for Managing Laptops on Campus; Students: Scott Rupprecht and Nathan Zalewski. Faculty Advisor: Jiazhen Zhou. Used as an example in design and coding for the COMPSCI 451 course Spring 2013.
  • JAVA 3D application to assist in understanding plant development; Students Joshua Pomerenke and Thomas Kagan. Faculty Advisor: Hien Nguyen.


Improving representation & Interpretation of Quantitative Concepts in Biology Learning Module. (Sponsored by UWW) Students: LQ McDonald, Lucas Greenwald.

Faculty advisor: Catherine Chan, Hien Nguyen. Develop and implement a framework that enhances analyst effectiveness, supports active collaboration among analysts, and assists in the training of junior analysts by capturing user intent in the analytic process. Integrate this framework with other on-going projects in CASE program.  


Enabling a Collaborative Problem-Solving Framework Through User Modeling of the Analytic Process. (Sub-contracted through Dartmouth college, CASE program, Sponsored by DTO) Students: Jacob Russell, Adam Olson. Faculty advisor: Hien Nguyen. Develop and implement a framework that enhances analyst effectiveness, supports active collaboration among analysts, and assists in the training of junior analysts by capturing user intent in the analytic process. Integrate this framework with other on-going projects in CASE program.


Simulation of Network Defects. (Sponsored by UWW) Students: Nathan Smith, Jacob Russell. Faculty advisor: Bennette Harris, Hien Nguyen, and Mr. Jim Harris. We developed software that simulates errors that occur in an Ethernet networking environment at the packet level. We evaluate our approach quantitatively by measuring the elapsed time of an application running in a network with and without simulated defects.

Publications as the result of undergraduate research projects

In addition to the extended abstracts submitted to National Conferences on Undergraduate Research, students also submit papers to international and national workshops, conferences and journals. Here are some examples:

  • Evaluation of the Impact of User-Cognitive Styles on Assessment of Text Summarization. 2011 Hien Nguyen, Eugene Santos Jr., Jacob Russell. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics Part A. Volume PP(99), pages 1 - 14.
  • Capturing User Intent for Analytic Process. 2009. Eugene, Santos. Jr., Hien Nguyen, John Wilkinson, Fei Yu, Deqing Li, Keumjoo Kim, Jacob Russell, and Adam Olson. In Proceedings of User Modeling, Adaptation, and Personalization (UMAP 09) , 349-354, Trento, Italy.
  • Hybrid User Model for Information Retrieval. 2006. Hien Nguyen, Eugene Santos Jr., Aaron Schuette, and Nathan Smith. In Technical Report of Modeling Others from Observations workshop at AAAI-2006 conference.



Research is of high importance to our department. Click on photo to view Student Research page.

Undergraduate Research

Research Image Hans

Student Research - Opportunities exist through department/faculty grants and through UW-W Undergraduate Research Program.

Tyler Holmes

After completing his internship with Quad/Graphics, Tyler Holmes was hired for a full time position with them as a Software Developer. When he was an undergraduate at UW-W, he completed research on Binary Hashing with Professor Mukherjee (photo above from 2014 UG Research Day).


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