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Dr. Rex Hanger & 5 Geology Students Attend the North Central GSA Conference

May 2013

5 geology students travelled to Kalamazoo, Michigan with Dr. Rex Hanger May 1-3, 2013 to attend and present research at the 2013 North Central Geological Society of America Conference. Here is a listing of all the projects presented by our students and faculty:

Caitlin Blahnik at 2013 NC GSA

Caitlin Blahnik (above, right) and Rex Hanger - "Mouth-Size Estimation of the Shark, Petalodus Ohioensis, from the Hughes Creek Shale (Carboniferous) of Southeastern Nebraska"

Ellen Jilek at 2013 NC GSA

Ellen Jilek (above, right), Stephanie Bessler, Ethan Eichstedt-Anderson, Leon Arriola, and Prajukti Bhattacharyya - "Numerical Modeling and Experimental Observations of Lava Flow Cooling"

Shane Wulf and Daryl Johnson at 2013 NC GSA

Daryl Johnson (above, right), Shane Wulf (above, left), and Rex Hanger - "Size-Frequency Distribution and Taphonomy of Brachiopoda from the Hughes Creek Shale (Carboniferous) of Southeast Nebraska"

Shane Wulf (above, left), Daryl Johnson (above, right), and Rex Hanger - "Testing Species-Abundance Models of the Hughes Creek Shale (Carboniferous) of Southeastern Nebraska"

Matt Schmus at 2013 NC GSA

Matthew Schmus (above), Prajukti Bhattacharyya, and David Hart - "Effects of Fractures on Groundwater Flow Today"

Undergraduate Research

An experience in undergraduate research is strongly advised for all Geology Emphasis students, especially for those intending to go to graduate school. There are numerous field and laboratory opportunities for the eager student to assist Department faculty members within established research programs.