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Professional History Associations

Recommended by History Department faculty, UW-Whitewater

American Historical Association
Professional association of historians of all time periods, regions and topics. Association membership is international in scope. Website links to on-line resources for students, researchers and teachers

Organization of American Historians
Professional association of historians of pre-colonial North American and United States history. Website links to on-line resources for students, researchers and teachers

American Society for Environmental History

Film and History 
On-line journal "concerned with the impact of motion pictures on our society. ..unlike many other journals, Film & History focuses on how feature films and documentary films both represent and interpret history"

Oral History Association 
The association serves a broad and diverse audience, including an international membership, local historians, librarians, students, journalists, teachers and academic scholars. Website has links to guidelines, professional ethics, standards for collection, preservation and dissemination of oral history.


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