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Contact Information

Elena Levy-Navarro
Department Chair & Professor
Phone: 262-472-5047
Location: Laurentide Hall 3110
Alicia de Gregorio
Foreign Language Coordinator & Assistant Professor
Phone: 262-472-5071
Location: Laurentide Hall 3126
Elizabeth Lamb
Academic Department Associate
Phone: 262-472-1036
Location: Laurentide Hall 3112

Chinese Organizations on Campus

Are There Student Organizations On Campus For Chinese-Language Students?

The Chinese Language Club extends the opportunities to learn about Chinese language and culture beyond the classroom by immersing club members in cultural activities. Some things we have enjoyed in the past include informational presentations about current events, calligraphy, kite flying, mahjong, arts and crafts, martial arts, and interaction with Chinese international students through the partnership program. The club is open to anyone interested in Chinese language and culture. Meetings are held biweekly in Laurentide Hall.

Does The Chinese Program Have Any Favorite Websites?

Chinese Language and Culture blog

Learning Chinese through Videos

News with a section "Learning Chinese"

Whom Should I Contact With Questions?

Yilin Zhang (章怡琳)
Office: Laurentide 3121
Phone: 472-7395