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Contact Information

Elena Levy-Navarro
Department Chair & Professor
Phone: 262-472-5047
Location: Laurentide Hall 3110
Alicia de Gregorio
Foreign Language Coordinator & Professor
Phone: 262-472-5071
Location: Laurentide Hall 3126
Elizabeth Lamb
Academic Department Associate
Phone: 262-472-1036
Location: Laurentide Hall 3112

English Education's Favorite Websites

 English Education majors may find these websites helpful and interesting in their academic studies. 

1. National Council of Teachers of English:

2. Kelly Gallagher, a teacher and author who helps students improve their language skills:

3. Jim Burke, a prolific author who is a self-proclaimed teacher first, author second:

4. Lesson and Unit Plan Development:

5. Yalsa's Alex Award winners, the best in Young Adult Literature, according to the American Library Association:

6. Goodreads, a resource for finding that next good book:

7. School Library Journal:

8. American Library Association:

Downloadable Plans & Checksheets

BSE Major Checksheet

BSE Minor Checksheet

BSE Major Four year Plan