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What Can You Do with an English BSE Degree?

Teaching (Public and Private), Digital Teacher, Teaching Abroad 
The ability to impact young lives on a daily basis is an inspiring, amazing, and irreplaceable experience, so become a teacher and seize your chance to change the world! If you plan to teach, you may want to consider specialties such as teaching English as a second language, advanced placement classes or gifted and talented students, or becoming a reading specialist. Teaching in any field has a high impact and is an incredibly rewarding profession.

Technical Writer
Technical writers have a lot of opportunities to pursue lucrative careers. Technical writers are in demand because they are able to take complex language as in STEM fields and translate it into coherent documents for the lay person-a clearly valuable skill. Technical writers can also work for some of the biggest textbook producing companies in the nation or in the online format. 

Speech Writer
Speech writing is a growing field, and English majors should pay attention to it. Political campaigns need speech writers and will pay generously for a good one, and if you don't want to write for political parties, freelance writing for CEOs is another option. Something important to note is that it doesn't matter how old you are or what degree you have, a good speech writer is a person who comes to the job prepared and armed with skills.   

Travel Writer
Do you have an aptitude for writing and an unrelenting wanderlust? Then travel writing may be the career for you! Most travel writers start local and expand as they gain experience. When you have no money to travel larger, and seemingly no time, there are many ways to transport yourself and your readers because a good writer can make anything compelling. Continually reading and blogging can be a large factor in getting to those exotic places you want to go and write about, so make yourself present on the web and do the thing you love - write!

Corporate Blogger
As a corporate blogger, your job will be to maintain corporate blogs, research, and write articles in a way that will engage readers. You will likely work with various departments within the corporation (marketing, customer service, IT, etc.) and use on-line and off-line social networking techniques, so this job will require exceptional communicative and collaborative skills.

Social Media Community Manager
A Social Media Community Manager wraps editorial and communication, marketing, and branding all into one job description. If you have strong communications skills and an outgoing personality, a Social Media Manager position might be right up you alley. You could work for companies as large as Coca-Cola, entertainment companies like HBO, or smaller companies that use digital and social media to get business, so you could tailor your work to your lifestyle.

Commerce Journalist
This is a fast-growing, lucrative career path where you can write for a living! Digital media companies, like Wire Cutter and BuzzFeed, are hiring commerce journalists to help their readers buy products. For example, one of your tasks might be delivering new content to customers about products that they should own or already love. This job has some freedom but will require a lot of inspiration and intellect.

Human Resources

Marketing Researcher
Marketing research is an important component of modern business strategy. As a marketing researcher, you would systematically gather information, record and analyze data about customers, competitors and the market. The information you provide will help your employers make the most informed political, social, and economic decisions. This job would likely require some degree and/or experience with marketing, psychology, math, statistics, computer science, or business administration. 

Human Resources Specialist
This job requires great communications skills, both written and oral. As a human resource specialist you'll develop a variety of documents like brochures, forms, and pamphlets as well as coordinating the employment process. This job will require an outgoing personality and superb organization skills! 

Do you get irritated when you see commas misused, hyphens missing, and unclear writing? Then copyediting writing will be right up your alley. Copyeditors specialize in turning nearly completed documents into the polished works that are published. Copyeditors can work for a wide range of companies, from your local newspaper to magazines to major corporations.

Publishing is a broad category. This field is not just for people who love to read or are interested in editing and marketing. Publishing is a multi-faceted field that has many careers that focus on the business side of producing work. Consider this: Three different types of formatting are required to produce a storybook, a textbook, and a cookbook and each need to go through multiple rounds of editing. Also, because of the demand for electronic versions of books, magazines, etc.-which have their own set of needs-the publishing industry is expanding even more by creating new jobs to fill those needs. If a career in publishing interests you, be sure to do some research and figure out which areas you are passionate about. 

These career paths are intended to be a launching pad to provide you with some ideas, and it is not a comprehensive list, so do some research of your own and figure out what areas interest you and are likely to suit your lifestyle.

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