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Contact Information

Angela Harlan
Department Chair & Associate Professor
Phone: 262-472-5181
Location: Laurentide Hall 2207
Jacqui Palcic
Academic Department Associate
Phone: 262-472-1313
Location: Laurentide Hall 2205

About Us


Throughout history, the mathematical sciences have been admired for their intrinsic beauty and interdisciplinary applications that contribute to economic advancement, scientific understanding, and world cultures. Our mission is to create a climate that nurtures curiosity, inspires creativity, promotes collaboration, and drives the learning and expansion of mathematical and statistical knowledge within our university, our profession, and our community.

In support of this mission we are committed to:

  • Fostering the personal and professional growth of our students by offering challenging and relevant mathematics and statistics courses through the general education program, specialized and career-oriented majors and minors, and collaborative programs with other departments and colleges.
  • Developing innovative pedagogy to promote mathematical and statistical reasoning, thinking and literacy.
  • Building a collaborative professional community of faculty, instructional academic staff, and students by supporting scholarship in the mathematical and computer sciences.
  • Providing mathematical and statistical assistance to the surrounding community.
  • Recruiting and retaining high quality faculty and instructional academic staff.

  • Connecting academic knowledge with experiences such as international study, undergraduate research, and internships.

  • Maintaining a high level of personal and professional integrity and instilling these ideals in our students.

  • Enriching the lives of students, faculty, and the university by sharing the beauty, insights, history, and culture of the mathematical and statistical sciences.