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Whitewater Math Circle



The Whitewater Math Circle is a weekly enrichment activity for middle school students interested in mathematics. Most of the sessions are taught by UW Whitewater faculty, and focus on problem solving, mathematical games, and topics that are typically not taught in schools. Each session is is independent of the others, so students can join any time. Participation is free, we just need the application form filled out once each year the first time you participate.

Dates for Spring 2019:

  • Feb 13
  • Feb 20
  • Feb 27
  • March 6
  • March 13
  • March 20 

Each Wednesday we meet from 5:00 pm until 6:30 pm at UW Whitewater, Laurentide Hall 2006 (Gollmar Math Learning Center, next to the main entrance). 

To register at any time send an email to  with the following information:

- your name
- school and grade
- name of your math teacher

Any questions? Send us an email to .

Parking is free on campus, but you have to stop at the visitor center, mention the Math Circle program, and pick up a permit (good for 6 weeks). Here is a direct link to the campus map: