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Contact Information

Angela Harlan
Department Chair & Associate Professor
Phone: 262-472-5181
Location: Laurentide Hall 2207
Jacqui Palcic
Academic Department Associate
Phone: 262-472-1313
Location: Laurentide Hall 2205

Project Archive

Here are some typical existing undergraduate research projects in the Department of Mathematics in the last few years:

Mathematical projects

  • Title (year). (Sponsored by UWW)
    Student: name
    (Faculty Advisor: name)
  • Analysis of Zero-Inflated Populations (several projects, 2014-2016)
    Student: Noah Padgett
    (Faculty Advisor: Khyam Paneru)
    Presentations given to: Research Apprenticeship (RAP) Gala, Dean's Advisory Board Poster Session, Fall Undergraduate Research Day 2015, and the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (2016)
  • Lewis Carroll's Views of Mathematics (2012)
    Student: Justin Brockmann
    (Faculty Advisor: Thomas Drucker)
    Presentations given to: SMA Club, UWW Undergraduate Research Conference, Wisconsin Section of the MAA (Milwaukee), and MathFest (Madison)
  • Notes on Sylow Theorems. (Sponsored by UWW)
    Student: Joshua Day
    (Faculty Advisor: Ki-Bong Nam)
  • Units of a ring. (Sponsored by UWW)
    Students: Aaron T. Brown and Kevin D Buntman
    (Faculty Advisor: Ki-Bong Nam)
  • Radical Extension Ring of a Finite Ring II. (Sponsored by UWW)
    Students: Aaron T. Kooping and Audrey M. Salerno
    (Faculty Advisor: Ki-Bong Nam)
  • Radical Extension Ring of a Finite Ring I. (Sponsored by UWW)
    Student: Kristen Focht
    (Faculty Advisor: Ki-Bong Nam)
  • Radical Extension Ring of a Finite Ring I. (Sponsored by UWW)
    Student: Kristen Focht
    (Faculty Advisor: Ki-Bong Nam)
  • Modeling Grave's Disease. (Sponsored by UWW)
    Student: Andrew Wells
    (Faculty Advisor: Balamurugan Pandiyan)
  • Statistical Analysis of Hashimoto's Disease. (Sponsored by UWW)
    Student: Emily Paulson
    (Faculty Advisor: Balamurugan Pandiyan)
  • A College Lesson Study in Calculus (2010). (Sponsored by UWW)
    Students: Michael Parham, Ray Parent, Aaron Kooping
    (Faculty Advisors: Geetha Samaranayake, Julie Letellier, Fe Evangelista)
    A general description of Lesson Study will be provided for those who are not familiar with this activity. The topic of our Lesson Study was integration by substitution in Calculus. We decided on this topic because of our past experiences and the understanding that some students struggle with the topic. The lesson we developed, taught, and revised used traditional and modern settings which focused on the introduction of the acronym “SHAFTS” to assist students in recognizing and applying the steps in integration by substitution problems. Results of our study as well as observations of the process of Lesson Study and difficulties we encountered will be addressed.

Publications as the results from undergraduate research projects

In addition to the extended abstracts submitted to National Conference on Undergraduate Research , students have been also working on papers which are submitted to international and national workshops, conferences, and journals. Here are some examples.

  • Evaluation of the Impact of User-Cognitive Styles on Assessment of Text Summarization. 2011 Hien Nguyen, Eugene Santos Jr., Jacob Russell. IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics Part A. Volume PP(99), pages 1 - 14. [View PDF].
  • Capturing User Intent for Analytic Process. 2009. Eugene, Santos. Jr., Hien Nguyen, John Wilkinson, Fei Yu, Deqing Li, Keumjoo Kim, Jacob Russell, and Adam Olson. In Proceedings of User Modeling, Adaptation, and Personalization (UMAP 09) , 349-354, Trento, Italy. [View PDF]
  • Hybrid User Model for Information Retrieval. 2006. Hien Nguyen, Eugene Santos Jr., Aaron Schuet, and Nathan Smith. In Technical Report of Modeling Others from Observations workshop at AAAI-2006 conference. [View PDF]