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Carolyn Morgan
Department Chair & Professor 
Phone: 262-472-5410
Location: Laurentide Hall 1235
Meg Waraczynski
Master Adviser & Professor
Phone: 262-472-5415
Location: Upham Hall 368
Shirley Cottle
Academic Department Associate
Phone: 262-472-1026
Location: Laurentide Hall 1235

General Resources

Here are links to some sources with information that may assist you in deciding upon your career in psychology and related fields.

Career Resources

Graduate School Resources

Psychological Associations

  • APA  American Psychological Association website provides a plethora of information for psychology students including APA style writing, career opportunities, a list of graduate programs in psychology, and current events in psychology.
  • APS  Association for Psychological Science website provides current psychological articles, publications, and news items.
  • APSSC  Association for Psychological Science membership information.
  • Midwest Psychological Association  Midwest Psychological Association website.
  • National Association of School Psychologists  National Association of School Psychologists for those interested in School Psychology.

Other Resources for Psychology Students

Career Resources

  • Career Services UW-W Career and Leadership Development website provides information about majors and careers.
  • Career Services for Psychology Majors UW-W Career Resources for psychology majors outlining skills acquired through the major, psychology career options, and employers that have hired UW-W psychology students.

Graduate School Resources

Student Resources