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Contact Information

Paul Gregory
Department Chair & Associate Professor
Phone: 262-472-1984
Location: Laurentide Hall 2110
Pete Killoran
Master Adviser & Lecturer
Phone: 262-472-1422
Location: Laurentide Hall 2134
Mande Zierath
Academic Department Associate
Phone: 262-472-1133
Location: Laurentide Hall 2112

Faculty Research Interests

Larry Neuman, Ph.D., Department Chair, 2010-Present, Professor
Email: | Office Phone: (262) 472-1093 | Office Location: Laurentide 2110

Larry Neuman, Ph.D.

Research Interests
National identity and fear of the OTHER, racial/ethnic categorization policies, immigration, Japanese social policies and national identity, anime fan subculture

Classes Taught
Urban Sociology, Research Methods, Political Sociology, Social stratification and Inequality, Soc of Pacific Asian, Race and Ethnicity in a Comparative Perspective, Asian Americans, International Studies...

Leda Nath, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Email: | Office Phone: (262) 472-1125 | Office Location: Laurentide 2106

Leda Nath, Ph.D.

Research Interests
Social Psychology, Family and Work, Research on Teaching

Classes Taught
Soc 476-Research Methods, Soc 355-Social Psychology, Soc 342-Work & Family, Soc 380-Organization & Society, Soc250-Social Problems, Gened130-Individual & Society


Michael Oldani, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Email: | Office Phone: (262) 472-1728 | Office Location: Laurentide 2132

Michael Oldani, Ph.D.

Research Interests
Pharmaceuticals, Psychiatry, Parenthood, Aboriginal Canadians, Mental Illness

Classes Taught
AN302-Culture, Medicine & Health, AN312-Pharmaceuticals, Culture & Society, AN218-Cultural Anthropology, AN420-Anthro Theory, Gened 130-Individual & Society


Margarita Alario, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Email: | Office Phone: (262) 472-5262 | Office Location: Laurentide 2130

Margarita Alario, Ph.D.

Research Interests
Social Theories, Environmental Policy, High Technological Issues

Classes Taught
Soc321-Natural Disasters, Soc 319-Intro to Environmental Sociology, Soc 385-Soc of Globalization


Marvin Free, Ph.D., Professor- Coordinator of Criminal Justice
Email: | Office Phone: (262) 472-5260 | Office Location: Laurentide 2124

Marvin Free, Ph.D.

Research Interests
Criminal Justice, Racial disparities in the criminal justice system.

Classes Taught
Intro to Criminology, Juvenile Delinquency, Minorities in the Criminal Justice System, Police and Courts


Ron Berger, Ph.D., Professor
Email: | Office Phone: (262) 472-1407 | Office Location: Laurentide 2104

Ron Berger, Ph.D.

Research Interests
Disability Studies, Holocaust & Genocide Studies, White-Collar Crime

Classes Taught
Soc 276-Intro to Criminology, Soc 315-Soc of Disability, Soc 372-White Collar Crime, Soc 388-The Holocaust


Paul Gregory, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Internship Coordinator
Email: | Office Phone: (262) 472-1984 | Office Location: Laurentide 2122

Paul Gregory, Ph.D.

Research Interests
Problem Solving Courts, Juvenile Delinquency and Community, Corrections

Classes Taught
Soc 365-Soc of Law, Soc250-Social Problems, Soc 378-Punishment/Corrections, CJ327 Community Corrections & Treatment


Jennifer Flad, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Email: | Office Phone: (262) 472-1098 | Office Location: Laurentide 2116

Jennifer Flad, Ph.D.

Research Interests
Health & Illness, Gender & Sexuality, Sustainability, Disability Studies, Food and Food Politics.

Classes Taught
Soc 473-Social Theory, Soc 345-Soc of Gender, Soc 310-Health and Illness, Soc 240-Principles of Sociology


Peter Killorian, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Forensic Science
Email: | Office Phone: (262) 472-1422 | Office Location: Laurentide 2134

Peter Killorian, Ph.D.

Research Interests
Social Theory, Bioarcheology, Health and Class, Environment

Classes Taught
Gened 130-Individual & Society, ANT225-Human Evolution, ANT325/Crim 325-Forensic Documentation, ANT425-Adv. Forensic Documentation


Akiko Yoshida, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Email: | Office Phone: (262) 472-5774 | Office Location: Laurentide 2120

Akiko Yoshida, Ph.D.

Research Interests
Singlehood, Marriage, Father involvement, Masculinity, Gender roles, Gender & work, childhood, Japan, East Asia

Classes Taught
Soc 252-Intro to Family Studies, Soc 362-Population Studies, Soc 476-Research Methods, Contemporary Japanese Society


Gregory Jeffers, Assistant Professor

Email: | Office Phone: (262) 472-1253 | Office Location: Laurentide 2118

Research Interests
Policing, Race and Ethnicity, Ethnography

Classes Taught
Police and Courts, Punishment and Corrections


Holly Denning, Lecturer
Email: | Office Phone: (262) 472-5777 | Office Location: Laurentide 2123

Holly Denning

Research Interests
Peace and Justice studies, Restorative Justice models for social and environmental disasters

Classes Taught
Gened 130-Individual & Society, Soc 265-Race and Ethnicity, Soc 345-Sociology of Gender, African American Community, American Indian Studies


Scott Neubauer, Lecturer
Email: | Office Phone: (262) 472-5253 | Office Location: Laurentide 4226

Scott Neubauer

Research Interests
Law enforcement, child abuse investigations, victim's advocacy

Classes Taught
CJ321 Criminal Investigation, CJ322-Criminal Investigation of Child Abuse.


Charles Ogg, Ph.D., Lecturer
Email: | Office Phone: (262) 472-5777

Charles Ogg, Ph.D.

Research Interests
Music, Science Fiction

Classes Taught
Gened130-Individual & Society, Soc252-Intro to Family Studies


Robert Greene, Lecturer
Email: | Office Phone: (262) 472-1074 | Office Location: Laurentide 1074

Research Interests
Masculinity, Homelessness and Homeless Youth, Social Inequality, Poverty, Soc of Education and Learning.

Classes Taught
Soc 276-Intro to Criminology, Gened 130-Individual & Society


Brian Bentel, Lecturer
Email: | Office Phone: (262) 472-1368 | Office Location: Laurentide 2125

Brian Bentel

Research Interests
Human social psychology in Postmodern Society, Religion, Identity, Politics, Morality, Individualism, Social Theory

Classes Taught
Soc 240-Principles of Sociology, Soc 250-Social Problems, Gened130-Individual & Society, Soc 355-Social Psychology.


Wayne Youngquist, Lecturer
Email: | Office Phone: (262) 472-1665 | Office Location: Laurentide 2127

Wayne Youngquist

Research Interests
Media, Crime, Social movements, Social Theory.

Classes Taught
Political Sociology, Gened 130-Individual & Society, Social Theory, Soc 371-Soc of Homocide, Soc of News and Mass Media, Soc 373-Soc of Terrorism


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