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    Careers in Geography and Geology

    The department takes pride in its reputation for preparing students for graduate school and productive employment by combining a knowledge track and technical competency skills. Potential positions include:

    • City or county planner
    • Cartographer
    • Community development agent
    • Environmental analyst
    • Land use planner
    • GIS specialist
    • Transportation planner
    • Market researcher
    • School teacher
    • Climate research specialist
    • Site location analyst
    • GIS software engineer
    • Database manager
    • Remote sensing analyst



    If you are wondering what kind of job opportunities are available for you after you graduate with a geology emphasis, here is a collection of links that might be of interest to you.
    This page is going to be a work in progress so check back frequently for new links added.

    • Here is an article by Sara Andrews called Why Study Geology? that might be of interest to you. It was published in Geotimes in April 2000.
    • Reflections on a geological career
      This is a free online publication in PDF format distributed by the American Institute of Professional Geologists. There are a bunch of articles and professional advice from "the trenches" written especially for students looking for a professional career in different geology related fields.
    • Occupational Outlook Handbook
      This website maintained by the Bureau of Labor Stastistics within the U.S.Department of Labor has a lot of important information about the nature of works done by geoscientists, educational background, job outlook, earnings etc.
    • Careers in the Geosciences
      This website is maintained by the American Geological Institute. This one has a wealth of information about different career options, potential employers, lists of geoscience departments and a whole lot of other relevant stuff. Check out all the links on this site.
    • GSA for students
      This website is maintained by the Geological Society of America. LOTS of information for geology students about available grants, awards, internships, entry level positions, mentor programs etc. You do need to become a member to take full advantage of the opportunities available here, however.
      It is actually not a bad idea to become a student member of GSA if you are interested in a geology-based career. The annual meetings are great places for checking out different grad schools, talk to potential employers, network and all sorts of other stuff. Check out all the different links on this page for more information.
    • Earthwork-jobs
      This website has a variety of current job openings for various geoscience-related fields all over the world. You can also post your resume there.
    • USGS Employment opportunities page
      This page has a lot of information about different career opportunities available at the US Geological Survey. Also check out the volunteer opportunities in some of the neatest locations you can think of.


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