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    Asian History

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    Recommended by Dr. Seung-joon Lee, History Department, UW-Whitewater

    UW Madison Library Digital Asia Collection: Portal to Asian Internet Resources
    By an impressive complement of area studies scholars, bibliographers and subject selectors based at the libraries of the University of Wisconsin, the University of Minnesota and Ohio State University

    Education About Asia
    Magazine for teaching about Asia; magazine by subscription, but site also includes supplemental on-line teaching materials

    History of China
    Timeline linked to short descriptions of historical eras

    Virtual Museum of the Cultural Revolution
    A good web site on the Cultural Revolution, which includes information on historical figures and major events, the Red Guards, Sent Down Youth, and personal accounts.

    Virtual Museum of China '89
    Web site on the Democracy Movement of 1989.

    Japan: A Country Study
    Part of a series produced by the Library of Congress, this book offers a view of Japanese history in addition to sections on the political, social and economic systems of the country.  The first chapter deals with the "Historical Setting" from the early history of Japan through the Meiji Restoration and ends with the last years of the twentieth century.

    Web Resources and Links for a Modern History of Japan
    Andrew Gordon (Harvard U.)'s Modern Japan textbook and its related web reference on the Oxford Univ. Press. ; includes links to many other sites

    Edo, Japan
    This virtual tour of life in Edo provides links to a variety of information on this period

    A-Bomb WWW Museum
    co-sponsored by the City of Hiroshima, the goals of this site are to "provide all readers with accurate information concerning the impact the first atomic bomb had on Hiroshima." and "the context for a constructive discussion of what the world can learn from this event and why such weapons of total destruction should never again be used"


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