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    Experience Japan!

    Experience Japan!

    Experience Japan! Study Tour

    Some Basics

    Tour leaders:
    Larry Neuman & Kasumi Kato


    This is a 3 credit travel study course with classes in fall and travel in Japan during January 2013. After the on-campus part of the course ends, we visit to Japan!

    • The goal of this course is for you to experience various aspects of today's Japan with its mix of traditional and modern, in nature & in dense urban settings. We especially want you to experience things you cannot experience anywhere else.
    • Speaking or reading Japanese is not a requirement. However, you will find being able to speak some Japanese is a great advantage. Knowing even a few Japanese phrases or being able to read some characters of Japanese script will help you a lot.
    • We will travel using regular Japanese public transportation, not a special tour bus. It will be a cultural learning experience and all meals will be with Japanese food.  It is Japan after all.
    • Prerequisities: sophomore standing, 2.5 GPA.

    Course Details

    There preparation for the travel portion of the course will meet every other Wednesday night during the fall semester (8 classes, 6:00-7:30 pm). There will be readings, lectures, videos, quizzes, and class projects/presentations to give you knowledge of Japan, particular the Kansai area (Kyoto-Osaka- Nara-Kobe) and Okinawa

    While in Japan, students are expected to participate in all trip activities.

    Some Resources

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