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    IEI Curriculum

    IEI Curriculum

    Intermediate Level (061-069)

    English 061 Integrated Academic English Skills 1 English 063 Academic Vocabulary Development English 065 Culture and Academic Conversations English 069 Special Topic

    In English 061, students develop all academic English skills with an emphasis on academic reading, writing and grammar.

    Students will:

    • Make predictions in readings
    • Identify details in readings
    • Use active reading strategies to identify main ideas
    • Summarize texts
    • Write descriptively
    • Write short essays

    In English 063, students practice learning strategies to improve academic vocabulary.

    Students will:

    • Classify words
    • Identify word parts for their meanings
    • Use a dictionary and online visual thesaurus tools
    • Use active vocabulary development strategies 
    • Use new vocabulary in speech and writing

    In English 065, students learn about and discuss U.S. culture and learn about the social sciences.

    Students will:

    • Plan the stages of conducting survey research
    • Conduct interviews within the university community on a cultural topic of interest
    • Present oral reports on interview research, using visual support
    • State and support opinions in academic conversations
    English 069 is a special topics course. Course topics change according to students' needs and interests.

    Advanced Level (071-079)

    English 071 Integrated Academic English Skills 2 English 073 Oral Presentation Skills English 075 Advanced Pronunciation and Speech Skills

    English 079 Special Topic

    Example: Business English for Oral Communication

    In English 071, students refine all academic English skills with an emphasis on academic reading, writing, and grammar.

    Students will:

    • Read critically
    • Summarize and paraphrase readings
    • Learn academic quotation and referencing
    • Improve editing skills
    • Edit sentences for correct form

    In English 073, students conduct short research assignments on campus and formally present their research.

    Students will:

    • Describe features of an effective presentation/li>
    • Develop and make a panel presentation
    • Respond to questions in a presentation

    In English 075, students improve pronunciation and other speaking skills for social and academic purposes. Identify areas of strength and need for improvement in speech.

    Students will:

    • Identify and use appropriate paralinguistic cues (change in pitch or volume) to enhance meaning.
    • Incorporate gestures into oral self-expression
    • Identify and use reduced forms of phrases (hafta, wanna, gonna)
    • Use tag questions to elicit agreement or in confirming expressions
    • Make a presentation to a community group
    English 079 is a special topics course. Course topics change according to students' needs and interests.

    IEP Bridge

    At the bridge level, students are able to participate in college-level courses.  English 161, 162 and 163 fulfill requirements at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater for students who have been admitted into undergraduate programs.

    English 161 Advanced Academic Reading in ESL English 162 College Writing in English as a Second Language English 163 Introduction to U.S. Culture for International Students

    In English 161, students develop critical thinking skills by discussing a variety of academic texts, which cross genres and prepare them for reading and participation in university courses.

    Students will:

    • Describe features of academic readings
    • Interpret and infer meaning from text
    • Paraphrase and summarize readings, orally and in writing
    • Defend opinions, orally and in writing

    In English 162, students conduct a research project to and write a research paper on a project.

    Students will:

    • Identify a research question
    • Conduct research that requires survey or interview in data collection
    • Select and evaluate sources
    • Make an oral presentation

    In English 163, students study U.S. culture from interdisciplinary perspectives.

    Students will:

    • Identify main and supporting ideas in academic texts
    • Identify and paraphrase definitions in scholarly writing
    • Compare U.S. culture to their home culture


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