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    Spanish Resources

    How to make your Spanish studies really count!

    How many times have you been told, "Minor in Spanish. It will help you get a job"? Of course, like any other advice given to you by well-wishers, there is some truth to this adage. Perhaps what they failed to tell you, however, is that as important - or even more relevant - as your Spanish classes is what you do outside the classroom.  Today, many students have caught the Spanish wave and are opting to minor in Spanish. At UW-Whitewater alone, Spanish is the largest minor with 338 students in the Spring of 2013. So how can you make your minor truly matter and stand out among the others who merely have it as a line on their resume? Take part in the many High Impact Practices that are available to you during your college years. Here are just a few:

    Organizations at UW-Whitewater to Explore and Join

    Academic research and community-based research

    Explore ways in which you can use your Spanish to research or help other language students while at UW-Whitewater.  They say that the best way to learn is to teach what you are trying to learn.

    Greek Organizations with a Latino/Hispanic Focus

    For opportunities to socialize with others interested in things Latino or Hispanic:

    International/intercultural professional experience

    Studying abroad is not your only possibility for an immersion experience.  There are also employers who offer international and/or Spanish-speaking internships in which you can gain such valuable experience:

    Social Justice and Community Service

    These organizations work with the local and/or global Latino/Hispanic community to provide assistance to those in need and may offer opportunities to communicate in Spanish with international/Latino/Hispanic partners:

    Spanish conversation and cultural interaction opportunities

    These groups focus on bilingual and cultural interaction.  Use of Spanish varies by group:

    Study Abroad and Travel Study

    The most powerful boost you can give to your linguistic and intercultural communication skills comes from an extended immersion experience in another country.  Take some time to explore study abroad and travel study opporutnities and plan to fit them into your academic plan:


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