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    Careers in Philosophy and Religious Studies

    The skills gained through philosophy and religious studies courses are valuable for a person’s private and professional life. The knowledge gained in philosophy complements such fields of study as history, English, psychology, liberal studies, sociology and political science. The ability to communicate effectively, to solve problems, to evaluate competing points of view and to develop new approaches to life’s unpredictable problems are skills important to any endeavor. Religious studies courses focus on those beliefs, values and issues that have ultimately concerned humans and thereby prepare a person for life in general. The ability to think objectively, to appreciate cultural diversity, to assess influential human ideas, to understand different views of life’s meaning, to process new information and to love knowledge are abilities important to any endeavor. The philosophy minor provides good preparation for careers in:

    • Law Education
    • Administration
    • Public service


    Careers in Liberal Studies

    The liberal studies program is designed for students who desire a broadly based education that gives them the skills necessary for a wide range of career opportunities and the flexibility to adapt to today's rapidly changing employment environment. The major fosters development of skills and abilities employers in many fields consider most desirable such as problem solving, analytical thinking, interpersonal relations, and communication skills, among others. The liberal studies major with a minor complements minors such as professional business studies, public relations, and legal studies. The major without a minor requires a focus area, designed in consultation with an advisor that can be related specifically to a student's career goals. Both majors include the opportunity for internships that suppose a student's choice of careers. The liberal studies major also enables returning and nontraditional students who may have developed job-specific skills, to obtain a degree to advance within their careers.


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