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    New and Prospective Students

    New and Prospective Students

    The physics major contains four emphAses:


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    Why Study Physics?

    The following chart from the American Institute of Physics provides a more detailed representation of the career options available to students majoring in physics.

    In addition, please see the American Physical Society Why Study Physics page.


    physics careers


    As the career poster shows, the discipline of physics teaches skills and ways of thinking that are valuable in many professions, including, but not limited to, traditional physics.  In a technologically complex and rapidly changing world, it is especially important to have the kind of broad, flexible education that a physics major or minor provides.  In addition, physics is an interesting field!  Physics deals with questions ranging from the formation of galaxies to the mechanical properties of DNA.  As part of their education, physics students learn to:

      • Develop analytical and quantitative reasoning skills, and apply mathematical techniques to a wide range of problems

      • Use computers for calculation, graphing, modeling, designing, and problem solving

      • Design experiments and use many different types of instruments, including electronic and computer-controlled instruments, to gather data

      • Interpret and analyze complex experimental data

      • Work with, and help to develop, new technologies

      • Evaluate answers before trusting them

      • Develop and strengthen communication skills


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