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        Helpful Tips for Applying to jobs, scholarships, REU and Internships

        First Step

        Begin by reviewing the Physics Department's pages on

        for whichever items you are interested in. On these pages you will find links to scholarships, REUs, Internships, and Graduate Schools. Those links will have application information.


        Next Step

        After you have your information, you will need to have a resume and cover letter for your application. Remember to tailor your resume and cover letter to the school or program. For example, if applying for a job or an internship, research the company's Web site to see what they are looking for. Write your resume and cover letter to emphasize what you have accomplished that fits the company or research group's needs and goals (goal alignment). Show how you can be of benefit to the program that you are applying for.

        After you have a draft resume and cover letter, bring them to your advisor or other Physics department member so that we can provide helpful recommendations. For internships, we will then pass your revised cover letter and resume on to our contacts.

        Letters of Recommendation

        When applying for a scholarship, REU, Internship, Graduate School, or Job you may need to ask one of your professors for a letter of recommendation. In order for your professor to do so, you will first need to fill out a
        FERPA Authorization to release records form.

        Information for why this form is needed can be found in the UW-Whitewater FERPA policy document.

        Professors are very busy, please be considerate and provide ample time for them to complete your form. Also, please provide all the information and pre-addressed envelopes (if letters are to be mailed.) Also, since professors have many things on their mind, you may need provide an occasional reminder to them on when your applications are due as well.

        Other Information

        Also, the UW-Whitewater Career and Leadership Development Center has information on Job Fairs, Internships, and On-Campus Interviews. Including tips for:

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