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    General Requirements

    General Requirements

    A minimum of 120 units, a UWW Cum GPA of 2.00 and fulfillment of all academic requirements are required to graduate. Some programs require a GPA higher than 2.00 and/or more than 120 units for admission, retention and graduation. A combined GPA may be used.

    Developmental Skills

    (These courses are waived for students who have successfully completed equivalent courses in high school and ranked well with ACT or SAT scores.)
    Courses or Waivers required: 3.00

    1. ENGLISH 010 or Waiver
    2. Math 040 or Waiver
    3. Math 041 or Waiver

    Communication and Calculation Skills

    Units required: 12.00

    Communication Skills
    Units required: 9.00

    1. ENGLISH 101 (3 units)
    2. ENGLISH 102 or HONORS ENGLISH 105 (3 units)
    3. SPEECH 110 (3 units)

    Calculation Skills
    Units required: 3.00

    1. MATH 140 or MATH 141 (3 units)

    University Requirements

    Units required: 32.00

    Quantitative and Technical Reasoning
    Units required: 7.00- 11.00

    1. Select a 4-5 unit general lab (GL) science course.
    2. Select 3-6 units of Science, Math, or Computer Science designated general laboratory (GL) or non-laboratory (GM) from at least 1 subject area: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Physical Geography 210, Math, Physics. (Course selection may not be from the same subject area as the 4-5 unit lab science above.)

    Cultural Heritages
    Units required: 6.00

    1. GENED 110 World of the Arts (3 units)
    2. GENED 390 World of Ideas (3 units with Jr. standing)

    Units required: 6.00

    1. GENED 130 Individual and Society (3 units)
    2. GENED 140 Global Perspectives or GENED 120 The U.S. Experience in a World Context (3 units)

    Physical Health and Well-Being
    Units required: 1.00- 2.00

    1. PEGNRL 192 Personal Health and Fitness for Life (1 unit)
    2. 0-1 unit in Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Coaching courses designated general physical education (GP). (optional)

    Units required: 7.00- 12.00

    Select additional electives designated general arts (GA), race and ethnic cultures and women's studies (GE), humanities (GH), interdisciplinary (GI), or social sciences (GS); No more than 1 course from any one subject area may be counted as an elective. (Student must complete enough elective units to bring total university requirements to 32.00 units.)

    Courses required: 1.00

    Select 1 course, labeled diversity in the schedule of classes, in African-American, Native American, Asian-American, or Hispanic experience. (This does not apply if you enrolled at a UW System campus before Fall 1989.)


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