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    Peace & Justice Studies Minor


    Requirements: 24 credits, 15 of which must be upper division, including the capstone

    The Peace and Justice minor will offer an interdisciplinary approach to understanding peace as the cumulative goal of conflict resolution and transformation. Alternatives to war and dehumanization are taught and modeled for how individuals, organizations, and governments promote peace and justice from in- terpersonal to global contexts. Through coursework and experiential learning, students are encouraged to become active participants and leaders in creating strategies for achieving and sustaining non-violence, human rights, environmental and social justice. The primary goal of this minor is to prepare students for careers in teaching, IGO's and NGO's, both in private and public sectors.

    Three Core Courses Required:

    ____PAX 200 Introduction to Peace and Social Justice
    ____Speech 328 Communication and Conflict Resolution
    ____PAX 488 Special Topics in Peace and Justice (capstone)


    Five Elective Courses, With Not More Than Two Courses From Each Group:

    Group I. Philosophy, Religion, and Identity ___Religst 135 Introduction To Islamic Civilizations

    ___Speech 228 Interpersonal Communication
    ___Philos 245 Contemporary Moral Issues
    ___Philos 248 Environmental Ethics
    ___Philos/Religst 330 Women And Religion
    ___English 363 American Literature in the Post- modern Age (1945-Present)
    ___WomStud 392 Women And Violence
    ___PoliSci 414 Constitution And Civil Liberty

    Group II. International Conflict, Conflict Resolution, and Transnational Institutions

    ___Hist 150 Atlantic History
    ___Hist 324 American Indian History
    ___Geog 332 Political Geography
    ___Hist 338 Arab/Israeli Conflict 1900-Present
    ___PoliSci 340 Politics of Development
    ___PoliSci 350 International Law
    ___PoliSci 351 International Relations
    ___PoliSci 463 Peace Studies I: Conflict Resolution and Crisis Management in International Politics
    ___PoliSci 464 Women in International Rela- tions
    ___PoliSci 471 Government and Politics in the Middle East

    Group III. Environmental Sustainability, Globalization & Economic Interdependence

    ___Geog 252 Human and Environmental Problems
    ___Socolgy 319 Introduction to Environmental Sociology
    ___Econ 359 Comparative Economic Systems
    ___Socolgy 385 Sociology of Globalization
    ___Econ 431 Economics of Globalization
    ___Geog 452 Cultural Ecology & Sustainable Development
    ___Geog 455 Advanced Topics In Human Geography
    ___Econ 471 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics

    Group IV. Social And Racial Justice

    ___Engl 265 Multicultural Literature of the United States
    ___Socolgy 265 Race and Ethnic Relations
    ___Socolgy 340 Movements and Collective Behavior
    ___PoliSci 365 Black Political and Social Thought
    ___Mgmt 366 Social Responsibility
    ___RaceEth 368 American Minority Women Writers
    ___WomStud 370 Women, Race & Ethnicity
    ___Speech 424 Cross-Cultural Communication
    ___Socolgy 430 Racial & Ethnic Inequality



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