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Race and Ethnic Studies

Race & Ethnic Studies Program

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Pilar Melero
Associate Professor & Program Coordinator
Phone: (262) 472-3173
Location: Laurentide 4229

Mary Alkons
Academic Department Associate  
Phone: (262) 472-1042
Location: Laurentide 4233

From Our Students


"There are [several] things that I am going to take out of this course. The first thing is the critical thinking skills needed to assess and conclude (based on the past) potential reasons we as a society interact with different races/ethnicities the way we do (whether that is good or bad is to be determined). The second thing I will take out of this course is that overcoming racism and cultural issues is an ongoing struggle, not just something of the past. The third and most important thing that I learned and realized was my white privilege. Ever since Tim Wise's video and the readings about white privilege, I have thought about my white privilege, this awareness is really enlightening to me. Overall, I really enjoyed reading about everyone's thoughts and views on the many issues and aspects of race and ethnic relations." -- Erin Wescott - May 5, 2014
Testimonial"This has been an eye-opening course and I am very surprised at how much I have learned... this class provided me with information that I will be able to use in the future.
-- Lisa Lang - May 6, 2014


  "In my opinion Diversity classes are so important when we try to understand our neighbors.  If we live in the city we are more than likely within blocks of a racially, religiously, culturally, or sexually diverse family. In the rural areas of Wisconsin I admit that it is more difficult to meet racially different Americans than yourself, but it is becoming more likely that there are Latinos, African Americans, or Muslims residing in your county. If we can learn about their cultural ways we won't fear the difference between us. Institutional[ized] discrimination was interesting to me because I was unaware of the housing discrimination at the end of WWII.  I was actually shocked to learn of the practices then."-- Susan Baumgartner - May 6, 2014

"As this is the final post for the semester I would like to first off say thank you to my classmates for engaging in some great discussions.  I really like online courses because I feel people can speak more freely without feeling like they are going to be ridiculed.  This class has taught me stuff that I didn't know (or had been told the wrong information) as in the treatment of Hmongs or the living condition of the Native Americans on reservations.  [Race and Ethnic courses] made me question my attitude and how I raise my kids to try and be more understanding and not so judgmental when it comes to those from a different culture or race.  Diversity, racism, feeling superior over others has been in our culture/world since the beginning of time, but with courses like this being offered there is hope for future generations to put a stop to all the hate."
-- Kimberly Krebs - May 6, 2014