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Race and Ethnic Studies

Asian/Asian American Studies

A new minor, available in September 2017

Recognizing the inseparable and transnational ties between Asia and Asian America, the Asian/Asian American Studies (AAAS) Minor combines two traditionally disparate fields of study, Asian Studies and Asian American Studies, into a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary minor that focuses on the rich histories, cultures, and literary traditions of both groups, examining their commonalities and differences. These points of connection and conflict have resulted in the creation of "third spaces" - fluid sites for creativity, productivity, and self-empowerment - by individuals and communities in both Asian America and Asia. In addition to probing the connections between Asia and Asian America, the AAAS Minor - as a track in the Race and Ethnic Studies Program - explores the ways in which the identity categories of race, class, gender, and sexuality have shaped the history and present conditions of Asian Americans in intersection with other racial/ethnic groups in the United States.

The minor draws from courses in a number of disciplines and academic approaches, including Race and Ethnic Studies, History, Sociology, Social Work, English, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Political Science, and Women's and Gender Studies. The gateway course provides a grounding in U.S. multicultural history and theoretical approaches to race. The elective courses allow students to examine the history, literature, culture, politics, and contemporary social issues affecting peoples in Asia as well as peoples of Asian heritage in the United States. The capstone course guides students in weaving together the knowledge and skills acquired in the minor to produce a unique capstone project.

Please reference the minor checksheet for more information.