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Science Outreach

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Upham Hall 115
800 W. Main Street 
Whitewater, WI 53190  
Phone: 262-472-7161

Science Outreach Coordinator
Dr. Jessica Bonjour



    Dr. Anna Courtier

     Science Outreach Coordinator

Anna earned her BS in Geology and Geophysics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and her PhD in Geophysics from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She worked as a geology professor before moving to UW-Whitewater to lead the science outreach program. In addition to student and community outreach, Anna is interested in science education research, including the development and assessment of curriculum or pedagogy for both K-12 and undergraduate students. 

Contact Information:
Upham Hall, Room 115A



Science Outreach Admin
Susie came to UW-Whitewater in 2004 and started working in the Letters & Sciences Advising Office. She transferred to the History Department in 2007, and in January of 2010 she moved to the Geography & Geology Department. She currently splits her time between Geography & Geology and the Science Outreach program. Susie also works part-time at a frame shop in Madison called Meuer Art, and she has worked there since 2001.

Contact Information:
Upham Hall 120 

Cody Shepard

Science Outreach Assistant
Cody is a major in Earth/Space Science Secondary Education and a minor in Biology. He is a senior who has worked with UW-W professors to develop outreach activities and has experience running activities for K-12 students in local schools. 


Science Outreach Assistant

Ben is a sophomore physics education major who works with local K-12 school programs and outreach activities on the UW-W campus. Ben currently devotes much of his time to developing and delivering programming for the Delavan after-school science program.


Science Outreach Assistant

Kevin is a senior major who has volunteered for science outreach in the past. He has worked with local K-12 school programs, family science nights, and outreach activities on the UW-W campus.