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Science Outreach

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
Upham Hall 115
800 W. Main Street 
Whitewater, WI 53190  
Phone: 262-472-7161

Science Outreach Coordinator
Dr. Jessica Bonjour

In-Class Activities

The UW-Whitewater Science Outreach maintains a collection of hands-on activities and demonstrations for your K-12 classroom! Premade and tested activities are available. 

These activities can be accessed electronically to be implemented by teachers directly or can be presented by outreach staff during a classroom visit. We are currently working to link these activities directly to curriculum standards so that teachers can clearly see how these activities can support and/or supplement classroom content. The curriculum guides will also include suggestions to scale up or scale down the activities for a variety of grade levels.  Activities can also be designed and specialized around your curriculum. 

Since the links to curriculum standards are under development, please contact Science Outreach, at or 262-472-7161 to obtain access to the activities. If you have a topic that needs a hands-on, inquiry based activity, please check in. Many of our resources can be tailored directly for your classroom!