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    Overview of Field Program & Format

    Students are required to complete 480 field hours at a social service agency under the supervision of a bachelors level (BSW) or masters level (MSW) practicing social worker. The practicing social worker also called the field supervisor provides the student with broad exposure to social work roles and responsibilities.

    Students interested in enrolling in the field program must first successfully complete all required social work courses. There are three options for completing the field practicum. Field experience may be completed over the course of one traditional semester, two traditional semesters. or during the summer session. The majority of social work students complete the field experience over the course of one-semester. This format requires the student to work approximately 32 hours a week. Those students who complete the field practicum over the course of two-semesters will work approximately 16-20 hours per week.  Students who wish to complete their field practicum over the summer, will work approximately 40 hours a week over the 12-week summer session.

    Field Manual

    Students interested in enrolling in field practicum, are required to review the Department of Social Work Field Program Manual for Student Interns & Field Supervisors. This manual outlines the roles, responsibilities, expectations of students as well as field supervisors and agency sites in the field practicum. 

    Field Application Process

    Students are required to apply for field placement the semester prior to entering the field practicum. To apply for field, please complete the field application packet, and submit by the due date indicated below.

    If you wish to complete field in: Prior Semester in Which to Register Field Application Packet Due Date*
    Summer Spring February 1
    Fall Spring February 1
    Spring Fall September 15
     * if date falls on weekend, packet is due the next business day

    Field Overview Presentation

    Applying for field also requires you attend the Field Overview Presentation. This presentation is given in the Social Work Practice 3 (SOCWORK 473) course. The presentation will involve sharing information about the field application process and expectations of the student in the field practicum. The in-class presentation will also provide the student with opportunities to ask questions about the field practicum experience. Students who miss the in-class Field Overview Presentation must meet with the field coordinator prior to being assigned a field liaison. 

    List of Agency Placement Sites

    Students are asked to identify three areas of interest and agencies on the field application form. To learn more about possible placement sites and short descriptions of activities performed by former students at respective sites, please access the link below:

    Memos for Field Students

    Several things happen after students submit the complete field application packet. To learn more about the process, please read important memos from the field supervisor:

    Student Resources & Forms

    There are several tools and resources that students may need while in the field:


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