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    Disability Studies Certificate

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    Disability Studies Certificate

    UW-Whitewater has long had a “special mission” within the UW-System to provide education to persons with disabilities and been a state leader in higher education disability services.  It is the clear frontrunner in the percentage of persons with disabilities among its student body and in advocating a more accessible society. 

    The 17-unit Disabilities Studies Certificate introduces UW-Whitewater students to the field of Disabilities Studies. It includes the intersections of disability, race, gender, age and other markers of diversity and difference, as well as the needs, social context, law and policies, and ethical issues surrounding persons with disabilities. Students explore debates over an able-bodied versus a disabled status.  The certificate is open to all majors.  It is appropriate for human resources or public policy administrators, advocates or community service providers, designers and providers of accessible goods or services, persons who provide counsel, aid, or support to persons with disabilities and/or their families, as well as persons with a disability.

    The certificate addresses demand by four overlapping groups of students:

    1. Students with career interests in human resources, public service, entrepreneurship, social services, education, and counseling who want to be informed about the needs of persons with disabilities and the accessibility policies or services that affect them;
    2. Students who wish to enrich or expand their education into ethical-moral, social justice, and diversity issues by including the area of disability studies.
    3. Students who are family, friends, and allies of persons with disabilities who wish to more informed and become advocates for improving accessibility in society;
    4. The approximately 700 UW-Whitewater students with one or more disability


    For more information on the program, please contact:

    Disabilities Studies Coordinator
    Dr. Ronald Berger
    Department of Sociology, Criminology and Anthropology
    Office: LT 2104      
    Phone: (262) 472-1407


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