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    Pete Killoran
    Lecturer, Master Adviser
    Phone: (262) 472-1422
    Location: Laurentide 2134

    Leda Nath
    Department Chair and Professor
    Phone: (262) 472-1125
    Location: Laurentide 2110

    Amanda Zierath
    Academic Department Associate
    Phone: (262) 472-1133
    Location: Laurentide 2112

    Alumni Graduate School Placements

    Student NameYear of DegreeProgramSchool
    Tracy McLeod 2006 Special Education UW-Madison
    Khalid Majeed 2006 Safety MS UW Whitewater
    Kevin Cappaert 2006 Social Psychology Ball State University
    Patrick Donelly 2006 Sociology Northern Illinois
    Jarad Dann 2007 Sociology MA UW-Milwaukee
    Zachary Baumgart 2007 Sociology Ph.D. UW-Madison
    Kyley Shramek 2007 Social Work UW-Milwaukee
    Carolina Calvillo 2008 Sociology MA U-Mich Kalamazoo
    Courtney Leudke 2008 Sociology, Ph.D. UW-Madison
    Eric Legare 2009 Sociology, MA San Diego State
    Gabrielle Steinbrenner 2009 Student Admin. Marquette
    Allison Davis 2010 Counseling Ed UW-Whitewater
    Jill Reifsnieder 2010 Counseling Ed UW-Whitewater
    Jill Knuth 2010 Social Work, MSW Tulane University
    Ryan Buntrock 2010 Divinity, MA Catholic Theological Seminary
    Rebecca Jaworowicz 2010 MCJ UW-Milwaukee
    Laurie Brown 2010 Counseling Ed UW-Whitewater
    Lucas Schalewski 2011 College Student Services Adm Oregon State
    Brianne Coffey 2011 Sociology, MA UW-Milwaukee
    Julia Fessler 2011 MCJ St. Ambrose Univ.
    Tricia Duncan 2011 MS:Applied Psych UW-Stout

    **If you would like your name added or deleted from this list please contact Dr. Jennifer Flad.


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