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    Biological Sciences Spotlight: Nanoscience Symposium

    Biological Sciences Spotlight: Nanoscience Symposium

    January 06, 2014

    Every October, the College of Letter and Sciences at UW-Whitewater holds its annual Nanoscience Symposium.  The symposium is a forum where students, researchers, companies, and the public at large can network  and learn more about the latest advancements in nanoscience. 




    So what is nanoscience?  Nanoscience involves research that leads to the controlled creation of structures that are 1 - 100 nm in size and possess unique characteristics. This rapidly developing field promises to offer countless technology advancements to society and has been termed the next industrial revolution.The field of nanoscience highlights the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to science, by requiring a fundamental understanding of physics, chemistry, and biology.  For registration and more information regarding our upcoming nanoscience symposium, please visit our website:

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