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    Department Spotlight: Biological Sciences

    Department Spotlight: Biological Sciences

    October 31, 2013

    biological sciences spotlight petri dish

    You know you're a Bio major when your idea of culture comes in the form of petri dishes.

    Students electing to major in Biological Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater will truly experience learning.  Our classes extend beyond the lecture hall and into the laboratory, field, and around the globe.

    biological sciences spotlight Yellowstone National Park

    You know you're a Bio major when you can take a trip to Yellowstone National Park or Ecuador - for credit!

    "Bio" students have an opportunity to dabble in fly fishing for samples, experience a chance encounter with a cougar in Yellowstone National Park, prepare fruit fly ovaries for analysis, detect nanoparticles under an atomic force microscope, learn to track wolves in northern Wisconsin, or observe Southern Right Whales in Warrnambool, Australia.  As Khava Ebner, a pre-biomed students would tell you, majoring in the biological sciences "is never going to be a bore."

    biological sciences spotlight bear

    You know you're a Bio professor when your excuse for not completing a project is "A grizzly bear ate my research tissues" and you mean it.

    Faculty in the Department of Biological Sciences are hands-on and engaged.  They have posted office hours throughout the week to encourage open dialogue and ease of advising.  Gabriella Esperson, a recent UW-Whitewater graduate, found that Biological Sciences faculty are "more than willing to help" and "their knowledge is above and beyond."

    biological sciences spotlight fieldYou know your Bio research project is going well when you come back from the field with more ticks than your dog.

    Experiential learning is required of all Bio students.  Faculty mentors encourage students to participate in research opportunities and internships early in their academic careers.  These experiences open doors to additional offerings: Undergraduate Research Day, the National Conference for Undergraduate Research, grant monies, and potential publication.  This "hands-on" approach creates students who not only have the book knowledge, but also the lab/field competency, needed to make them competitive in both graduate/professional programs and the job market.

    Faculty and students agree that majoring in Biological Sciences at UW-Whitewater is challenging but well worth the effort.  Recent graduates include successful research biologists, physicians, veterinarians, dentists, podiatrists, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, DNR specialists, water quality managers, park rangers, and even college professors.

    CELL BIOLOGY: The only science where multiplication and division mean the same thing.biology Yellowstone buffalo


    ECOLOGY FIELD BIOLOGY: Where the Wild Things Are. 

    PRE-BIOMEDICAL PROFESSIONS: "We see dead people."

    The emphases offered within the department are rigorous and demanding but Devon Winfrey, a UW-Whitewater senior acknowledges, "the professors always find an opportunity for you to succeed."

    biological sciences spotlight tortoise

    If you're looking for a unique educational experience that thinks outside just the classroom, come check us out.  For information about the Department of Biological Sciences at UW-Whitewater, call (262) 472-1092.  Also, UW-Whitewater Department of Biological Sciences is now on Facebook!

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