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    New Minor Spotlight: Film Studies

    New Minor Spotlight: Film Studies

    December 06, 2013

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    Students and faculty alike are excited to welcome the new Film Studies minor, which officially begins in January.

    Emily Kolosso film studies spotlightEmily Kolosso (pictured left) was one of the first students to sign up for the program.  She's thrilled that it's avaiable.  "Film is a huge, international way of storytelling," Kolosso says.  "For me, I see it as an art form."  She is enthusiastic about the upcoming courses in film: "There is so much that goes into one scene of a movie: sound, lights, the set, props, actors and storyline."

    Josh Heath film studies spotlightJosh Heath (pictured left) is also excited to sign up for the new minor.  He tells a story to which many of us can relate - the story of that one film that changed his life.  About the film, Punch Drunk Love (2002), Heath says, "It's one of the first things I ever connected with.  I had never felt anything like it before.  Movies allow you to get so invested.  They can make you feel for the characters, and it makes you feel less alone.  You realize that you are not the only who feels like that."  A senior Communication major, Heath has already taken a few film courses.  He plans to sign up for several of the newly offered courses and complete the minor before graduating next year.  

    Film Studies students like Heath and Kolosso will learn to interpret cinematic visual styles, narrative conventions, and genres.  They'll learn about the development and cultural impact of film and become expert viewers and analysts.  Please visit the Film Studies website at for more information.

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