Career Services for Business Students

Students at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, whether undergraduate or graduate, receive expert guidance, pointers, and tools from career professionals during their major or emphasis selection process and career search.  The Career and Leadership Development office is working with students at all levels to help them navigate their searches for positions. 

What kinds of help do you need?  Career staff can assist you with:

  • Discovery and selection of a major or emphasis
  • Cover letter and resume writing guidelines and review
  • Interview preparation, including proper behavior and dress
  • Job search strategies
  • Career fair resources
  • Internship opportunities
  • Information on placement rates and salaries for your career choice

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics can also provide you with projections and national data on salaries and employment rates for specific business careers.

Is there a career advisor specifically for business students?

Yes! Frank Lanko, Senior Business Career Advisor for the College of Business and Economics, is a valuable resource for all levels of business students.  Mr. Lanko provides resume reviews, interview preparation, mock interview practice, upcoming job fair information, and job search strategies to business students.  Do you need help finding the best tools for searching for employers?  Or do you need to change your resume to target a new career direction?  Please contact Frank Lanko ( or Rachel Malak ( to set up a meeting or discuss your career search.

How can I meet employers?

Hawk Jobs - University of Wisconsin - Whitewater | Business School - Wisconsin, USA
The Career and Leadership Development Office supports several career fairs on campus, where you can meet with organizations that offer internships and full-time career employment.  The office can also provide you with information on other career fairs in the region.  See which career fairs are coming up.

Another way to meet with potential employers is to post your resume on Hawk Jobs where alumni and employers are also posting positions available to UW-Whitewater graduates. 

As an undergraduate student how do I learn essential job search skills?

Frank Lanko and Rachel Malak also teach BEINDP 288, Career Information, a course required for all undergraduate business majors, preferably in their junior years.  While enrolled in this course students will learn:

  • Proper resume writing
  • Appropriate interview preparation and performance
  • Effective job search skills
  • Professional behavior
  • Efficient job fair tactics