Digital Signage



In order to make the most of your posting, please follow these guidelines:
1. Start with a template below or save a file that you create in the provided orientation and size.

2. Design your announcement with photos, graphics, and text.
        -Avoid extreme color combinations.
        -Keep text simple, short, and to the point.
        -Do not include more than four photos on an announcement.

3. E-mail your final submission to at least 5 business days prior to the required posting date.
        -Include your announcement type in the subject line. (e.g. Digital Sign, Kiosk, Bottom of the 16 screen)
        -Include the dates you would like the announcement to be displayed and the organization it is for.
        -Submit your announcements early.

4.  Subject to approval from the College we allow University departments and College of Business and Economics student organizations to advertise on the Hyland Hall signage system.5.  CoBE Tech reserves the right to correct or alter your signage if the quality does not match our quality expectation.


Announcements + Kiosk

You may submit Hyland Hall specific advertising or provide times and locations for events on the kiosk in the North entryway to Hyland Hall.Start with the blank PowerPoint template, use your own 5.62" x 10" PowerPoint, or 1080 pixel x 1920 pixel PowerPoint



Bottom of the 16 screen
(CoBE Only)

You may submit Hyland Hall specific times and locations for events on the bottom of the 16 screen in the North entryway to Hyland Hall.  The rotation of these bottom of 16 screen slides is first come, first serve and subject to CoBE approval.  Be sure to create a kiosk slide and/or an announcements slide in case we can not display your 16 screen slide.You must use the purple background PowerPoint template below to create your message.  Then email the PowerPoint as an attachment to


Paper Advertising
In a campus-wide effort of going green, we provide the above options for paperless advertising.  Please use these digital resources we provide for you.  Paper announcements, table tents, flyers, etc. are NOT to be left around Hyland or taped to walls & fixtures.  Bulletin boards in study halls are provided for paper announcements.  Paper announcements that do not follow this policy will immediately be taken down and recycled.