College of Business and Economics Strategic Planning Objectives

Programs and Learning

The College will provide relevant and rigorous academic programs integrated with applied learning experiences. We will offer our curriculum under the guidance of academically and professionally qualified faculty, and make available to our students an array of applied opportunities, including internships, and outreach and consulting projects. We will maintain AACSB accreditation, achieving the highest standards for assurance of student learning, faculty qualifications and continuous improvement.

Research and Professional Development

The College will support sustained scholarship and ongoing professional development by faculty and students. We will maintain an engaged and research active faculty, which is essential to quality professional business education.  Relevant to the mission of the college and commitments to programs and learning objectives, we will support a balanced portfolio of scholarship across the categories of pedagogical, discipline-based and contributions to practice.

Global Perspectives with Sensitivity to Multicultural and Diversity Issues

The College will champion diverse intellectual and cultural perspectives and efforts to attract and retain a diverse student and faculty population. We will provide a curriculum that is both global and intercultural in character, and promote programs that enhance diversity in educational experiences.  We will sustain an inclusive culture that is both supportive and respectful of diverse perspectives and members.

Regional Resource for Businesses, Not-for-Profits and Communities

The College will strive to be a center of excellence, providing intellectual resources to serve businesses, not-for-profit organizations and communities.  We will deliver our services through educational, economic and cultural initiatives for the region and through strong outreach activities and partnerships between the college and the business community.  The business and economic development needs of the region and the professional development of our faculty and students will be closely integrated.

Professional and Personal Integrity for Faculty, Staff and Students

The College will uphold the belief that business is a noble profession with a tremendous capacity to do good in the world.  We will instill high standards of ethical and professional conduct in our students, faculty and staff. We will support an agenda which includes activities and curriculum related to professional integrity, sustainable business, social responsibility, globalization and social entrepreneurship.

(April 2011)