Computer Cart & Lab Reservations

Computer labs within Hyland Hall may only be reserved for College of Business and Economics classes. Exceptions to this guideline can be approved by Bob Schramm, John Chenoweth, or Paul Ambrose.  Please contact Joanna Stradusky at ext. 1945 to make reservations.

Computer Lab Options:

  1. Three portable laptop carts are available with approximately 15 computers on each cart. Due to the high number of personal laptop ownership, we estimate that only five percent of the class will require laptops from the cart. The remainder of students should be directed to bring their personal laptop to class along with a charged battery and/or power cable.
  2. If the portable laptop carts are unavailable or do not fit the instructional needs of the class, Hyland Hall 3202 computer lab may be reserved. This lab holds 52 students plus the instructor. This lab should be chosen if there is special software on the lab image that is consistently required in classes.
  3. Lastly, Hyland Hall 3101 computer lab is available. This lab holds 66 students plus the instructor. This lab is an open lab and should only be selected when a computer lab is required and HH 3202 is reserved or more than 52 students are in the class.

If you have any questions or concerns about the computer labs, please contact any of the key contacts below. Technical support for the computer labs is provided by the Online Education and Technology Support Center in Hyland Hall 3001.

Joanna Stradusky (reservations)
University Services Program Associate
CoBE Dean's Office
262) 472-1945

CoBE Tech Support Center (cart reservations)
(262) 472-4981

Dr. Robert M. Schramm
Building Supervisor