Lactation Room Access


The Lactation Room located in Hyland Hall - Room 1006 provides private space where lactating mothers are welcome to pump or nurse.

Lactation Room access requests should be made in the Online Education and Technology Support Center located in Hyland Hall - Room 3001.  Mothers may also make a room access request through the Hyland Hall Lactation Room Request Form

1) Women who would like to use the lactation room may request electronic access by using the  link above.  You may also call or email CoBE Tech, or to stop by room 3001. Front desk workers are to direct their inquiries to Dr. Schramm.

2) The door to the lactation room is always to remain closed even when not in use to prevent students from using it as a study room.  The room has an electronic lock and automatically stays in the locked position.

3) An "In Use" sign with velcro on it has been placed in the room and should be velcroed to the door when the room is in use. The sign is to stay velcroed inside the room when not in use.